A simple, medium range flying wing, the Arrow paper airplane is fairly unique.

Designation: VX-1 "Vixen"
TAA Designation: UF131-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper
A stapler

Step 2: Length Fold

Fold along the length. ("Hot dog"-style) 

Step 3: Fold the Corners In

Fold the corners into the center.

Step 4: Fold the Top Back

Fold the nose into the edge of the corner fold. 

Step 5: Fold the Corners in Again

Fold them to the center.

Step 6: Time to Cut

Time to give the Arrow the shape of a heart.

Step 7: Stapler (Final Step)

Now staple the airfoil into place.

Once done, you're ready for flight!

Step 8: Flight

To fly the Arrow, advance it forward in your hand slowly and let go after 2-3 seconds of advancement. Then you can decorate your Arrow after the check flight.

I added a tail to make a spade. It allows greater accuracy, and, in my opinion, looks cooler.<br />
I've added vertical surfaces myself, but this plane is more utility to me than anything else. But mine are simply cutting the trailing edge and center. <br /> <br /> I'd like to see pictures of your design though. It sounds quite interesting.
its just like a spade from cards ha, all i did was instead of totally connecting the heart, I curved out backwards. Nothing special.<br />

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