Sip & Drink 1 Litre water with:

1. 1 tsp baking soda

2. One pinch activated charcoal

3. Ten drops of peppermint oil

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The Summary

Diabetes can be cured and reversed.

Diabetes patients need to reclaim their life!

The Pitch & Impact

Diabetes has been studied for more than 70 years. Cure is kept a secret so few rich people can benefit.

The Risks and Challenges

Biggest risk is that people are not able to live their life to the fullest.

There is only a risk of failure in our efforts. But try and try till you succeed!

How these Funds will be used

Funds will be used for reading, researching and experimenting diabetes cure, since i am a patient myself!

About Me

I am not a doctor. Rather, i am an engineer and MBA (Finance) by qualification.

i have a deep desire to solve problems related to health, free energy, LEDs, etc.


Money cannot replace the joy of a person who has been cured of diabetes. However, this is just a token of appreciation towards the society!

<p>I'm sorry but this is rubbish. If this was really true then it would be widely known. There is no medical proof supplied, there has been no publication in peer reviewed publications, no double blind trials, in fact nothing that is required to make this a tenable theory. </p><p>I'm somewhat surprised that Instructables have allowed it on their website.</p>
<p>Oh and before the author says it's kept secret so the drug companies can make loads of money, consider this. Over here in Blighty we have a public health service paid for by taxes, if this really worked then doctors would love it as it would save them so much money and hassle.</p>
<p>Medical advice should be obtained from doctors who have medical training; Instructables is not an appropriate venue for an engineer to be dispensing pseudo 'medical' directions!</p>
<p>YouTube Link: </p><p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jotfn0HJkEU" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jotfn0HJkEU</a></p>
<p>Unfortunately for<br>your dismissal friend, I did watch the video prior to commenting.</p><p>So questions - what are<br>these &quot;toxins&quot; you claim are in refined foods? I mention<br>this because that word is beloved of alternative medicine<br>practitioners without specifying what they are. Your body has its own<br>elegantly designed system for removing substances that could be<br>potentially harmful - namely, the liver, kidneys and spleen. So can<br>you give the name of one of these supposed toxins that avoids being<br>dealt with by these systems? And given that you already have systems<br>to remove such things, it follows that there is no need for an<br>external process of &quot;detoxification&quot; to remove &quot;toxins&quot;.</p><p>How are red blood cells<br>&quot;fermented into sugar&quot;? This comes across as a basic<br>misunderstanding of biology. Red blood cells are the cells in your<br>body that contain haemoglobin to carry oxygen around. They last for<br>approx 120 days then are got rid of by the spleen. The iron and other<br>components are broken down and then absorbed, and what remains is<br>excreted. This is a natural process. Cells do not get turned into sugar. You cannot ferment something<br>INTO sugar. Fermentation is a metabolic process that converts sugars<br>into other things - acids (e.g. lactic acid), gases or alcohol.</p><p>The idea behind an<br>alkaline diet is that the foods we eat can have an effect on the pH<br>levels inside our body, and that eating certain foods have a tendency<br>to raise the acidity within the body, and other foods help to make<br>the body more alkaline. The idea is also that foods that cause the<br>body to become more acidic raise the risk for long term health<br>conditions including diabetes. But here's the thing - the natural pH<br>of your body is between 7.35 to 7.45, which is slightly alkaline.<br>Your body controls its pH very tightly because even comparatively<br>small changes in pH can have serious effects on how proteins and<br>other systems in the body function. If your pH level increases or<br>decreases by as little as 0.4, it can be fatal (so less than 7.0. and<br>greater than 7.7). Your body's pH level is carefully maintained via<br>several ways, mainly by the kidneys and the lungs, with the help of<br>buffers in the blood. Food starts to be broken down by your saliva<br>and is then swallowed where it enters the stomach. The stomach<br>digests food by using your stomach acid, this is as the name states &ndash;<br>an acidic substance that is unchanged by the pH level in food. All<br>food that leaves your stomach will be acidic. When it enters your<br>intestines, secretions from your pancreas neutralise the stomach<br>acids and the food becomes alkaline. Because of this, whether your<br>food is acidic or alkaline when you eat it, it will have no affect on<br>the pH level of your blood.</p><p>Then there are the more<br>obvious things &ndash; that all white foods are bad that are high in<br>calories, and low in fibre. What about onions, cauliflower, turnips,<br>white beans, and white potatoes? These can be part of a healthy diet.</p><p>With regards to the<br>so-called &ldquo;water cure&rdquo; - adding baking soda to water is basically<br>adding bicarbonate to it, this making it more alkaline. But for the<br>reasons I've already explained, this would have no effect on blood<br>pH. Activated charcoal is used to absorb poisons in the stomach in<br>the case of some overdoses. But it wouldn't have any effect on your<br>blood. Peppermint oil has been shown in vitro to affect blood glucose<br>(i.e. in a test tube or glass dish), but there is little evidence to<br>show that this effect is replicated in the body. It should also be<br>noted that large doses of peppermint oil can be toxic, it can make<br>gallstones worse, and it can interfere with certain medications. </p><p>There's also an issue<br>with the suggestion of drinking 4 litres of water a day. Current<br>medical advice is that men need about 2 litres a day, and women 1.6<br>litres a day (we get about another 500ml from our food). 4 litres is<br>a lot more than you need. Your kidneys can deal with about 800ml &ndash;<br>1 litre of water an hour. So depending on how quickly you drink that<br>water it would either mean you'll be going to the loo an awful lot,<br>or running the risk of water intoxication (drinking too much too<br>quickly, which can be harmful). </p><p>Some of the things you<br>are suggesting &ndash; such as eating more veggies, are long established<br>common sense dietary advice (but not because they're &ldquo;detoxifying&rdquo;<br>or &ldquo;alkaline&rdquo;). Likewise diabetics limiting sugar intake is<br>common sense. But you'd get all of this from a dietician or a doctor<br>without any reference to any fantastic system or mention of toxins or<br>other buzzwords. Could it be that you have your diabetes under<br>control just because you are eating a healthy balanced diet rich in<br>veggies and low in carbs and sugars?</p><p>And to suggest that<br>people reduce their medication &ndash; which would be prescribed by a<br>trained health care professional, is that really sensible advice? If<br>you're thinking of following this video, talk to your doctor before<br>you even start.</p><p>(BTW you say<br>&ldquo;Scientific evidence can be verified from numerous medical research<br>reports&rdquo;. Perhaps you could provide some references? Proper journal<br>papers preferably, not YouTube videos)</p>
Yeah that's great and all, but I have diabetes, and it isn't something I can just get rid of by following these steps. These are ways to prevent, not ways to cure.
Type 2 diabetes is preventable and very much so curable. But Type 1 is a whole different ballgame man. We can't just refuse to take our medications like you. We don't have leniency in any form. Our pancreas and the cells within it is our problem, and unless you have a pancreas for sale, your methods won't work. Perhaps for type 2 they will work wonders, but they won't do anything for people with Type 1 diabetes. <br><br>Type 2 is mainly food related, and therefore can be reversed using what you ingest. This is not the case for people with type 1, as it virtually has nothing to do with what we eat.<br><br>I don't mean to be rude here, but maybe you should alter your title to specify which type of diabetes you're targeting here. There is no cure to Type 1 open to the public, hell yeah the government is keeping it to themselves. But I promise you it has nothing to do with these methods.
<p>It regenerates ALL body cells, including pancreas. You may try it for your Type 1, without reducing your medication and see the change in your blood reading for yourself! Its just food dissolved in water, anyway! </p>
<p>Dear Friend,<br></p><p>It applies even to Type 1 - which is also curable.<br></p><p><strong>Even Type 1 diabetes, in small children, has been cured</strong>, with green vegan diet alone. Dr Young is an example who has done it to his patients. </p><p>Pancreas were able to produce insulin, in those children. </p><p>So, what i am trying for my Type 2 also works for type 1. </p><p>When i mention that i dont take medicines, i dont want people to emulate blindly. Just try these food items and slowly you will find that you dont need heavy (or any) medications over time. </p><p>In about 60 days, as shown in my video, my blood report shows reduction from 277 to 141 - and these were six months back! You may also find shocking that i daily eat sugar and fast foods too - not many changes in my diet - except just removing all animal based foods. </p><p>I am here to help people understand, not for spam / limelight. Many people dont think about what is happening to them. Education is empowerment. </p><p>reg</p>
<p>It would be sensible to point out that so-called &quot;water therapy&quot; isn't actually supported by actual scientific evidence. </p><p>I get that being diagnosed with diabetes is shocking, and that people who get this diagnosis are apt to grab onto any claim that might help, but that just because someone has some anecdotes and a YouTube video, doesn't make it true.</p><p>Following a non-evidence based therapy is dangerous, in my opinion, <br>because people may try that rather than keep to proper treatment, <br>based solely on this claim. And here's the thing - not keeping control of your blood glucose levels (whether you're a type 1 or type 2 diabetic) can have potentially serious ramifications down the road - blindness, kidney failure, losing toes, even ending up in hospital with life-threatening keto-acidosis.</p><p>Any claim of a therapy that will make diabetes &quot;go <br>away&quot; leaves you with the impression that &quot;all you have to do&quot; is drink <br>this stuff and you can go on eating all the junk you want, without <br>concern. Diabetes will not go away. Period. There are many things we <br>can do to help control our blood glucose but, even if we are seeing <br>normal numbers, that doesn&rsquo;t mean that diabetes is gone. It&rsquo;s still <br>there, lurking, ready to rear its ugly head if we should stray from the <br>path that is working for us. We need to accept that reality and move <br>on.</p>
<p>Dear Friend, </p><p>It seems you have not seen the video and are just commenting. </p><p>All these issues have already been highlighted. I have also shown my blood reports. Scientific evidence can be verified from numerous medical research reports - obviously which you have not read!</p><p>Many people can benefit, who have not benefited otherwise. please dont steal their hope with your naive and negative comments. </p><p>seek your five minutes of fame elsewhere. </p><p>reg</p>

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