What?! You've got a cold? That's too bad! I know it must be hard having to walk the oh-so-long distance your bed to the bathroom to get your cough medicine-with a jarring headache! Well don't worry, using the K'nex you keep under the bed, you can create a portable mini-medicine cabinet that will help you rest, and more importantly get better soon! Now take that last cough drop and let's get started!

Step 1: Pieces

To build the K'nex medicine cabinet, you will need:

-28 White connectors
-14 Blue connectors
-66 Grey 3D-slot connectors
-8 Red connectors
-6 Yellow connectors
-4 Black caps
-4 Grey rods
-146 Green rods
-68 White rods
-8 Blue separators
-68 Grey separators
-A small-sized box of tissues
<p>The cabinet is ok, but the tissue holder is great!</p>
Technically, a cold is incurable. You can only treat them, the virus is impervious to vaccine, but it is weak so that's why it isn't dangerous.
<p>In the profession of internet marketing and publications an alliterative title always trumps accuracy. You've seen news articles before right?</p>
<p>Yes please! :) As I was looking at your creations I was thinking about ways I might be able to use k'nex (as we have them but never use them). I need some divided organizers...small ones...so this would work! </p>
<p>Cool! Remember, you can easily modify any K'nex idea to perfectly suit your needs (that's why I like them so much)! Good luck if you build something! It would be great to see a K'nex 'Ible from you! ;)</p>
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Unforanitaly there isnt a cure for the common cold but u know it helps..
Haha yeah, rest helps you get well faster, and this helps you rest! :)
this is pretty sweet! <br>
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