Cure Your Cold Quickly With The K'nex Medicine Cabinet!!!

Picture of Cure Your Cold Quickly With The K'nex Medicine Cabinet!!!
What?! You've got a cold? That's too bad! I know it must be hard having to walk the oh-so-long distance your bed to the bathroom to get your cough medicine-with a jarring headache! Well don't worry, using the K'nex you keep under the bed, you can create a portable mini-medicine cabinet that will help you rest, and more importantly get better soon! Now take that last cough drop and let's get started!
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Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces
To build the K'nex medicine cabinet, you will need:

-28 White connectors
-14 Blue connectors
-66 Grey 3D-slot connectors
-8 Red connectors
-6 Yellow connectors
-4 Black caps
-4 Grey rods
-146 Green rods
-68 White rods
-8 Blue separators
-68 Grey separators
-A small-sized box of tissues

Step 2: Tissue Box-Bottom: Pieces

Picture of Tissue Box-Bottom: Pieces
Take ten white connectors, and connect them using green rods. Next, take two grey connectors and slide them together as shown. Repeat to get five pieces, and connect them using green rods. Then, make a second row of five grey connectors. Lastly, make two pairs of two grey connectors as shown.

Step 3: Tissue Box-Bottom: Connecting Pieces

Picture of Tissue Box-Bottom: Connecting Pieces
Take all of the pieces that you made in the previous step, and connect them as shown using green rods. Next, take four red connectors, and attach them to the corners of the base, once again using green rods. Finally, fill in all spaces using white rods.

Step 4: Tissue Box-Top

Picture of Tissue Box-Top
To make the top of the tissue box, simply remake the outer frame of the bottom half of the box. Next, take three yellow connectors and connect them using green rods. Repeat to get two separate rows, and add them to the frame. Next, take two blue connectors, and connect them exactly as shown using a green rod. Repeat to get two separate pieces, and add them to the frame exactly as shown.

Step 5: Completing And Filling the Tissue Box

Picture of Completing And Filling the Tissue Box
To fill the tissue box, remove all tissues from the side of the box. Then, place the tissues on the bottom half of the new K'nex tissue box. Next, add the top half of the box and connect using green rods. Pull the top tissue through the opening. Fill in all spaces using white rods.
Technically, a cold is incurable. You can only treat them, the virus is impervious to vaccine, but it is weak so that's why it isn't dangerous.
nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8702 months ago

In the profession of internet marketing and publications an alliterative title always trumps accuracy. You've seen news articles before right?

HollyMann4 months ago

Yes please! :) As I was looking at your creations I was thinking about ways I might be able to use k'nex (as we have them but never use them). I need some divided organizers...small ones...so this would work!

nerfrocketeer (author)  HollyMann4 months ago

Cool! Remember, you can easily modify any K'nex idea to perfectly suit your needs (that's why I like them so much)! Good luck if you build something! It would be great to see a K'nex 'Ible from you! ;)

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well done , great job :)
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Really great. =D
Thanks man! :)
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karmasmile1 year ago
Unforanitaly there isnt a cure for the common cold but u know it helps..
nerfrocketeer (author)  karmasmile1 year ago
Haha yeah, rest helps you get well faster, and this helps you rest! :)
That is pure awesomeness! I love it, its perfect for me someone like me. I love the tissue concept! Favorited!
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this is pretty sweet!
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Thanks! :)
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This is awesome, ingenious! You have outdone yourself again it seems :-)
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