Introduction: Curie Engine With a Coin

How to make a Curie motor with a nickel coin, a magnet and a source of heat. It works beacuse when a part of the coin is heated above Curie temperature (or Curie point) it loses its ferromagnetic properties so the magnet attracts a cooler part of the coin and it turns. The the new cooler part that is near the magnet is heated again and the previous heated part is far from the flame so it is cooling down.


IsaacPierce (author)2016-06-03

This is going in my favorites list.

bubal (author)IsaacPierce2016-06-03

Thank you!

IsaacPierce (author)2016-06-03

This is going in my favorites list.

ThomasK19 (author)2016-06-02

I never heard of the Curie machine before. This is quite interesting. The effect was found by Pierre Curie (the husband of Marie Curie; they were an ingenious couple). I googled this paper, which explains the effect in more detail:

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