Step 4: Salt the hide to properly dry

Picture of Salt the hide to properly dry
Add a good amount of non-iodized salt to the hide. Be sure to liberally salt the edges and any folds in the skin. Work the salt into the head and tail. Any unsalted spot is unprotected. You should repeat this after the first application of salt becomes saturated with moisture, usually in two to three days. The curing lasts about ten to fourteen days. With a smaller animal like this (if you prefer) you can simply tack it down and let it dry if you have properly prepared it (i.e. scrapped, cut off any excess, no folds in skin).

tywatters3 years ago
u get all the flesh and fat off it and salt good for 2/3 day the u can get the brain out of the animal mash it up then add 1/2 cups of water then rub it in it call brain tanning . ever animal has anough brain to tan its on hide beide bufflo
mcaliber.504 years ago
how long do you soak it for?
iheart7s5 years ago
cemetz (author)  iheart7s5 years ago
Yes, it mostly did. I aggregated it because I could not find it anywhere. Good catch and props to nmsu.edu.
iheart7s cemetz5 years ago
it was a lucky draw on google... i'd been looking for a way to do this so thanks for being awesome and posting it for all!  I <3 U!
cemetz (author) 5 years ago
Recommend un-iodized salt.
can you use regular salt idkk were to get uniodizzed
Im pellet gun hunting squirrels, but anyway so I skin it get the fat off with salt then scrape off the salt and its permanently good right?? or wrong?? And I dont have the need or hope to tan them.
hmmm, im wondering that too. I heard that some people rub eggs mixed in water into the skin to tan them. ill try it on my squirrel once its done drying
can i do that with a deer pelt
i liked it it taght me somthin good
heinzsinvt7 years ago
Does anyone know a local market for rabbit pelts...Montpelier VT... phillip.heinz@gmail.com
how do you accually tan a pelt
u can buy tanning solutions from places like cabela's and they have instructions on the bottle