Curio Cabinet


Introduction: Curio Cabinet

I made this for my wife using bits and pieces of Red Oak left over from other projects made in the past. A little bit of stain, 5 coats of lacquer and 1 small led puck light. My wife is as "precious" to me as the items she has placed in it. This is my first post time permitting I will put up some of my other creations.



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    This little curio looks fantastic!

    Got any photos of the build process? If you have any at all, those would be wonderful to see - you could just add them as a step, which would be awesome to see! :)

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    I'm sorry I don't, I just found this site a couple of weeks ago had I found it sooner I would have documented the project.

    Hey, no worries!

    Next time you make something, you ought to snap a few photos along the way. You've got serious talent, and I think people would really love to see your process. Hope we get to see more projects from you soon :)