Curly Hair That Last Long





Introduction: Curly Hair That Last Long

Ok, say you want curly hair and don't have the money for a perm or don't want a perm. It's a lot of trouble to curl your hair every morning, and it takes time. So here's the trick. Follow these instructions and your problem is over.

You need:

  1. Hair.
  2. A brush.
  3. A shower.

Step 1: Shower.

Do I need to elaborate?

The goal here is to get your hair wet and clean, if you have really thick hair, then you will want to either step outside and let it dry a bit, or blow dry it. If you don't then your hair won't be dry by morning.

Step 2: Braid.

Depending on weather you want your hair wavy, or curly:

Curly: One tight braid, and if you want the hair close to your forehead curly, I'd recommend a lace braid on both sides of your head.

Wavy: Two looser braids, try not to leave them too loose, or your hair won't be very curly.

Step 3: Sleep on It.

Just go to bed and let your hair dry overnight, let your hair down and voila! Very pretty curls!



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    thanks,I really wanted curly hair but i didn't want to buy a curler your tip really helped me!

    No problem awesomechickhannah! I'm very glad I could help! If there's anything else let me know.