I work out in the field, and I have really long hair.  Subsequently, I use headbands, ponytail holders and scrunchies to keep my hair in place and out of my face.  (Scrunchies are a fancy name for decorated ponytail holders, just in case you didn’t know.)

During the winter time when I have my hair down, I  use headbands, and I enjoy making my own, as I usually can’t find ones that fit my head or the outfit I am wearing.

Recently at my local craft store, I saw a new-to-me yarn that I picked up made by Red Heart called “Curly Q”.  Not knowing exactly what I was going to do with it yet, I picked out a color I knew would go with everything, and got to work making the two items shown in this instructable.

These are free crocheting patterns and I put the links to the yarn and hook size in Step 1.
There are patterns for an adult sized headband, a child sized headband, and Step 4 has a pattern for a hair scrunchie using a regular pony tail holder.

Step 1: Materials, Tools and Pattern Notes

Materials & Tools Needed:
1 Ball Curly Q Yarn – I got mine from Jo-Anns, the color I chose is called Calypso
Size P crochet hook (11.5 mm) - You can use a smaller or bigger hook, but you may have to adjust the stitches count.  See the note below about adjusting the stitches.
scissors and yarn needle

Additionally for the Scrunchies:
Ponytail Holders of your choice – I use the no-slip type.  Here’s a link to them on Amazon

Pattern Notes:
Skill Level: Beginner
Gauge is not important to this project.  More importantly is to use the type of yarn called for.  Because the yarn is stretchy, there is a chance that this pattern will not work for other 5-ply or 6-ply yarn.

This instructable assumes that you know how to crochet.  The special stitch is shown in this instructable for the type of yarn.

The yarn is stretchy which allows for the pattern to be used for different sized head circumference and different hair types. 
I included a child-sized pattern as well as the adult pattern for your use and you can adjust the chains by groups of four (4) for the adult pattern and the child’s pattern if you don’t find the completed size fits your needs.

Be careful not to twist the foundation chain as you work.
First ch 3 is 1st dc of rnd.
First ch 2 is 1st hdc of rnd.

bpdc = back post double crochet; photo tutorial shown in Step 2 with this yarn
bphdc = back post half double crochet; photo tutorial shown in Step 4 with this yarn
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
fphdc = front post half double crochet; photo tutorial shown in Step 3 with this yarn
hdc = half double crochet
rnd = round
sk = skip
sl st = slip stitch
st or sts = stitch or stitches
yo = yarn over
Scrunchies? What is this, the 80's?
These are cute! I love the scrunchies!
thats really cute, i made some with beads with the same technique, you can try that for when u want to wear something a bit nicer.
The headbands are so cute. :D
Thank you so much! =)

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