Currant Knive Handle




Introduction: Currant Knive Handle

Just an idea for easter. I've found the blade in the house of my grand grand father back in 1998 since then the blade was stored in the garage for the whole time. 5 month ago I've removed a current tree/bush from my garden. From this time on I had the idea to combine the two found objects.

Unfortunately I've lost my pictures from the process, the SD-card crashed. So only the last step was possible to recover.

Following a description of required steps:

1. Clean the blade and remove the rust

2. Split up the branch into two halves

3. Straighten the two halves with a slicer

4. Drill holes for the brass tube

5. User two -component adhesive to fix the handle halves to the blade and brass tube

6. Use a belt sander to grid the handle

7. Finish all up by hand with fine abrasive paper

8. Use olive oil to impregnate the handle



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