Step 4: Generator

Picture of Generator
Ok, next thing: chose the right generator.

We have to use here some of the data of our energy needs.

The formula for this method is:(1,2 x Iday) / (H x Im)
Where:1,2 is a factor, which includes aging of the module, dust, and several losses.
Iday is as we have seen, the energy need in Amps.
H is the hours, we have seen this on the “Resource”.
And Im is our new inquiry. Whis is nothing more than the current of our chosen module at standard test conditions (STC = 1000 W m^2 – 25º C, and so on).

So, here we could choose our desired module, and see what happens.
(1,2 x 16,5 Ah/day) / (3,11 H x 3,45 A) = 1,85
This means we are going to need 1,85 modules. Since this is a simplified calculation, we are just taking modules in parallels.

We are going to need 2 KS60T modules in parallel.

TIP: If the result is near 1,3 just keep 1. But if its more than 1,3 it is recommended to chose 2.

Pretty easy, right?