This instructable documents my first attempt (which I'm quite proud of) at making curtains.

Disclaimer: I don't know any of the proper terms for what I'm doing, or if I've made some grievous error somewhere. :-) Now you have been warned, read on...

I have a kitchen window that faces out into the common area of the apartment complex, and two other kitchens can see into ours. The curtain that's there now doesn't block anything much, so I wanted a nice block-out curtain. Unfortunately nothing commercially available was the right size!

Step 1: Preparation

Before you can start, you need A PLAN.

-Measure your window carefully.
-Write it down!
-If you don't already have a curtain rod in place, figure out where it will go, and plan how to keep it there. (note - this is not a curtain-rod-installing instructable, but mine is supported by a 3M hook and a screw)
-Measure the position of the curtain rod.
-Write it down!
-Figure out how much cloth you need. There are two pieces - together about twice as wide as the window width, and are each as high as the distance from the bottom of the window to the curtain rod, with a few cm extra for some fudge room.
(I bought a single piece of cloth that was 112cm by 212cm, so it's about right - look at my measurements)
I am making my blackout curtains asap I feel like people are watching me at night! Well , only in one room. THE BEDROOM.
There's an easy way to change the thread to a different colour, but it only works if it's already threaded.<br><br>You cut the thread that's already threaded at the top of the sewing machine, then tie your new colour to the piece that's already threaded, place the new spool in place and pull the old thread through from behind the needle (or however the needle is threaded), you'll pull the entirely new colour through the mechanism and it'll thread itself. Quick timesaver :D
True, although you don't want the knot to become caught in the mechanism.
There is that. I suppose you just have to make it tight enough :) Wouldn't work for all sewing machines and needles but I figured I'd put it out there :)
the same can be done with a sheet.
Nice Job!! Being the lazy sort who likes to do it the fast way--I never bother with the curtain tape. If you make your top hem the right width the curtain rod slips through it and you don't have to bother with all that--plus it's nicely gathered and fits closer to the wall to block light. You also might want to shorten your bottom hem to where it's just off the window sill. In some weather windows will have condensation and it will run down onto your hem there with unpleasant results. It will also have a tendency to get dragged into whatever is on your sill if it's too long. An extra quick curtain if you are in a hurry for coverage is bed sheets. Get them at a thrift store and either fold them over the rod or cut to fit the window and hem the sides. They have ready made hems on the top and bottom! They will block a lot of light and vision, but if you're worried about someone seeing in you can add another for a nice decorator effect.
The bottom is a little low - it's not hemmed. (closed seam, no need) I might put a hem in at some stage, but for now it works nicely. My biggest issue is the dish-washing things on the sill.
Check out this link for storage and stuff :)<br/>&lt;img src=&quot;http://www.organizeit-online.com/images/757.jpg&quot; alt=&quot;Suction Shelf&quot;&gt;<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.organizeit-online.com/suction-corner-shelf-p-900.html?currency=USD&amp;language=en">SuctionShelf</a><br/>I have these and am extremely happy with the results. (no drilling n stuff)<br/>
You could try safety pinning the hem up as a temporary measure--put the pins in the back and space the front to be decorative. That way your hem will be already pinned in place when you feel like finishing it. Or the really lazy is use a strip of iron in web interfacing. Not a good permanent solution but okay for a quick fix!

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