Step 5: The Finished Curved Cabinet!

...and your curved cabinet is finished!

You can now choose to paint your cabinet, or do some other finishing touches. Mine will be painted soon, so I will update this 'ible when it is.

I hope you liked this project, and as usual I'm very interested in any comments or cabinets of your own!
What would be the cost to make this?
I payed about 10 Euros for the materials at the university workshop, but it's not much more expensive in a regular DIY shop.
For those who are interested, I have just put the 3D model of this design on Google's 3D Warehouse, <a href="http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=26af030d28f94229d1ccbd5d84e5bc86&prevstart=0" rel="nofollow">click here</a> to go there directly!
LOL, 0.4 mm, really? <br> <br>its 9 mm for the shelves and 4 mm for the side panels <br>0.4 mm is the thickness of a latex sheet..... <br>looking for mdf af 0.4 mm would be kinda dangerous.... even if you would go to to gnome office :) <br> <br>Sincerely, <br> <br>Jean-PIerre <br>Federal Way, WA
Sorry Jean-Pierre, but it really is 0,4mm for the side panels! <br><br>The material is called &quot;MDF cardboard&quot; here so I guess technically it's not really MDF but more like a cardboard with wood fibers or maybe just a brown color, I'm not sure. <br><br>I wouldn't try bending 4mm MDF by the way, that's going to be way too difficult to keep in place, even with superglue.<br><br>Check the picture. The ruler is in mm. If you can't get this material where you live I would suggest the thinnest MDF you can find, or to use triplex. <br><br>Greetings,<br>Thomas
there is a company here in the states called Anderson International Trading (I believe) do a web search for AITwood.com they sell a product called &quot;Bending Birch plywood panel thats some sort of thin wood with a birch vaneer on one side, you can get it in full 4&quot; x 8&quot; sheets and in your choice of bending directions, you can make a 4 foot tall tube with one and a 8 foot tall tube withthe other option.I used to buy it and make birch drum shells by bending it around a piece of 12&quot; and 10&quot; peice of PVC coupling i had machined down so i could add 4 plys and have the od and id of the shell exactly to that of a 6 ply keller brand maple shell. its good stuff. Here are a couple picks of the molds, and some shells I had made from this Bending Birch. look at the grain! This is a buddy of mines site and he hosted these for me a few years back. <br> <br>http://wastingwebspace.com/Html%20Pages/ZackersShells.htm <br>
That looks really nice, Zacker! Do I understand correctly that it's not actually vaneer? Because that's usually pretty pricey... Even thin triplex I think is quite expensive.
its thicker than a vaneer.. its more like a birch vaneer glued to a flexible board that looks like that cheap luan stuff that those inexpensive closet sliding doors are skinned with. its probably about 1/8 of an inch (or 4MM) thick. Nice looking stuf and you can cut it just by scoring it with a sharp razor knife as its hard to run through a table saw cause it wants to curl up.
Very cool, similar to what they call door skin, a laminate for well, doors... sold in 4x8 sheets. Wonder if other laminates would work as well.
Come clean with us. Did you really plan the cabinet to be all curvy, or did you go back and redraw the plans when it turned out that way???
Yes I really did plan it to be all curvy. Somehow I always design stuff to be curved, and then when I'm cutting or sawing the pieces I wonder why I didn't just make it straight and orthogonal... <br>You should see my room, all the stuff I made myself is curvy.
post some more of your work, id love to see what else youve made in curves!!
You can see a few more examples on my website: http://www.debosdesign.nl/portfolio/nassaulaan-interior/
lol.. nice, when i try to make straight lines, I make curves and stuff, but not like this...lol My stuff tends to look like it got hit by a truck!
Been wanting to do this for awhile but never knew what it was called so i couldnt find anyplans. I love it, your my hero for posting this....lol,lol,lol seriously though, thanks for the instructions, you rock!!! Thanks again!
Saw this being sold for $350.00. Well, it was painted in some funky colours.
WoW men. Nice job!
Wonderful! I've been waiting for someone to make an Instructable on curvilinear forms!<br><br>Thank you so much for this. Duly favorited. :)
That looks fantastic! Beyond my skill-level, but written well enough I could follow it!
Awesome, nice design!
Thanks a lot for all the positive comments, guys! Really appreciate it!
this is creative and very cool. nice job!
This is just lovely. If I left out the drawer, I bet I could make it myself. The drawer seems a little out of my league. I would love a bookshelf like that. :) It would be great mounted sideways on a wall. <br><br>Curvy things like that are wonderful because they don't look like they came in flat pack from Ikea. <br><br>
I really like that layout of the shelves. At first I thought it was a terrible nightstand at there wasn't a place at bed level, then I saw the side hole. Really clever way to add more storage while still maintaining a place to set your phone/water. Also kind of self-cleaning as you can't see any clutter in it. Toss a little light in there and it'd be perfect. Really well-thought out, kudos.
I wonder how many disappointed guys will end up here after on Curvy Girlfriend?<br>Here, allow me to add the word amateur, that should double the hits.
lol :)
Looks great!
This is very cool, I like it!<br>In step 1 you state that you have used 9mm and 0,4 mm MDF. I assume 9mm is for the shelves and 0,4 for the side panels?
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! And yes, you are correct. The 9mm is for the front, back and the shelves. The 0,4mm is for the 2 sides.

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