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With this experiment I learnt that cement is castable in weird don't need to have a solid metal or wood mould to make cement casting.also it's limited to shapes with wood molds.

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Here I have used a simple polythene bag as mold.First I decided to use the toilet sink as my mold support.Then I put the polythene bag on the sink.I prepared the cement mixture.Dry mixture is suitable this kind of cast ,as it does not collapses or slides.Then lay all the material into the bag.slowly with hands start spreading.

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After spreading let it settle for some time ,at least 2 hrs.Then start shaping the cast.Here I was standing in the washroom so I used the toothpastes ,face wash etc....Be careful while sliding the core here the spread should not break.And you are done.remove the cast next day and your curved cast is ready.

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Now add some sand and plant a beautiful can try many shapes.try one and share it here.Thank you.


Swansong (author)2017-04-19

That's a neat look :)

BrijoyP1 (author)Swansong2017-04-21

@swansong thnak you

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