Picture of Curved Nine Patch
This is a variation on a nine patch block that measures 21" X 21"

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

Favorite Rotary cutter
Quilting ruler
7" finished Drunken Path Template
"You can use other size of the  Drunken Path Template"
I started with 3 contrasting colors of fabric  ½ yds each.
( There will be extra fabric left after cutting the pattern out.)


Step 2: Cutting 1

Picture of Cutting 1

The measurements I am giving are for the 7" Drunken Path Template.

Iron and square your fabric.
Cut a 7½" strip from the selvage to the selvage cut 1 strip of each color which make 3 (strips 7½"X44")

Step 3: Cutting 2

Picture of Cutting 2
contestq 022.JPG
Take the 7"X44" pink strip and cut into 6"X7½" rectangles.
(you will make 4 of these)

Tip In the second picture it shows you how to measure your other sizes of the Drunken Path Template.

Step 4: Cutting 3

Picture of Cutting 3
contestq 029.JPG
contestq 021.JPG
Now you are going to cut  green selvage to the selvage  2"X44" one strip.
Then you are going to cut the strip into 2"X7½".
(You need make 4 of these)

  Tip In the third picture it shows you how to measure your other sizes of the Drunken Path Template.

Step 5: Cutting 4

Picture of Cutting 4
Take  your  yellow strip 7½"X44". Cut one 7½"X 7½"  square.

Step 6: Cutting 5 & 6

Picture of Cutting 5 & 6
contestq 037.JPG

Take that same yellow fabric  and cut out 4 of template A.
Now take the green fabric 7½"X44 strip and cut out 4 of template B.

Step 7: Layout

Picture of Layout
Look at the picture above for the layout.

Step 8: Sewing 1

Picture of Sewing 1
Now you're going to take the pink and green rectangles and sew them together with ¼ seem. This will make a 7½" square.
repeat until you have 4 of them.

Step 9: Sewing 2

Picture of Sewing 2
part 033.JPG
part 030.JPG
Now take your A&B fabric & sew ¼" seam with pin method or no pin method (this is your choice).
Repeat this 4 times.

Step 10: Sewing 3

Picture of Sewing 3
part 036.JPG
part 037.JPG
Iron your curved out & rectangles in .

Step 11: Sewing 4

Picture of Sewing 4
part 043.JPG
part 045.JPG
part 049.JPG
Now put  together like a 9 patch according to the layout. Make sure you nest your seams or other method you us to mach seams.

Step 12: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
part 049.JPG
part 057.JPG

make sure your points match and you are done !!!
You can make it as a centerpiece or make more then one block and make a bed size quilt.
Happy Quilting
& Kitty Approved