This sweet, swingy bracelet features very safe curved pin connector findings and antique wash sparkly red beads. The free-floating bead dangles give the bracelet lots of movement and sparkle. This design would look lovely with a mix of beads if you want a more eclectic look.

- 6 Curved Safety Pin Links
- 22 Czech Glass beads, 6 mm
- 22 Head Pins, 1 inch
- 2 heavy duty Jump Rings, 7 mm
- 2 oval Jump Rings, 3x4 mm
- 18 round Jump Ring, 5 mm
- 1 Spring Ring Clasp, 12 mm
- 6 ¾ inches Sparkle Chain, 2x1.5 mm links
- 6 inches of wire, 20 gauge

- Chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers

Step 1: Create Bead Links

With your round nose pliers create beaded links out of 5 of your beads. With your chain nose pliers open the wire loop on the end of one of the beaded links and thread it through the loop on a Safety Pin. Close securely. With your chain nose pliers open the wire loop on the other side of the same beaded link and attach it to a second Safety Pin as shown. Continue to chain together beads and Safety Pins until you have attached all 6 pins with beaded links.

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