Picture of Curved Pin Link Bracelet
This sweet, swingy bracelet features very safe curved pin connector findings and antique wash sparkly red beads. The free-floating bead dangles give the bracelet lots of movement and sparkle. This design would look lovely with a mix of beads if you want a more eclectic look.

- 6 Curved Safety Pin Links
- 22 Czech Glass beads, 6 mm
- 22 Head Pins, 1 inch
- 2 heavy duty Jump Rings, 7 mm
- 2 oval Jump Rings, 3x4 mm
- 18 round Jump Ring, 5 mm
- 1 Spring Ring Clasp, 12 mm
- 6 ¾ inches Sparkle Chain, 2x1.5 mm links
- 6 inches of wire, 20 gauge

- Chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers
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Step 1: Create Bead Links

Picture of Create Bead Links
With your round nose pliers create beaded links out of 5 of your beads. With your chain nose pliers open the wire loop on the end of one of the beaded links and thread it through the loop on a Safety Pin. Close securely. With your chain nose pliers open the wire loop on the other side of the same beaded link and attach it to a second Safety Pin as shown. Continue to chain together beads and Safety Pins until you have attached all 6 pins with beaded links.

Step 2: Make Bead Drops

Picture of Make Bead Drops
Thread a head pin through one of the remaining beads. With your round nose pliers create a loop in the head pin, trimming the excess wire with wire cutters. Set this bead dangle aside. Use the remaining head pins and beads to create 17 more bead dangles.

Step 3: Add Jumprings to Dangles

With your chain nose pliers open a 5 mm jump ring. Thread the jump ring through the loop on one of the bead dangles. Close securely. Repeat until all bead dangles are attached to 5 mm jump rings. Set aside.