Picture of Cushioned Duct Tape Laptop Sleeve
What is it about duct tape?
Here is my entry for a padded laptop sleeve that recycles a sheet of foam packing material and uses about a half a roll of duct tape. The project only took about 2 hours and the end result is a pretty sturdy cushioned sleeve perfect for your eeepc or any other laptop you want to protect.
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Step 1: Materials List

Picture of Materials List
The materials you'll need are:
Duct tape
Metal ruler
Marking tool
Cutting knife ( I recommend a snap-off blade knife)
Sheet of foam packing material (I recycled mine from a package I received)
Masking tape
Laptop computer

Step 2: Sizing the cushion liner

Picture of Sizing the cushion liner
The first thing I did was to put my computer in its original sleeve and place it on the foam packing.
I cut the packing approximately the width of the original case, maybe slightly wider. Since I was recycling the foam I did not cut away from the length. In fact if I were to do this again, I would use a longer piece of foam to create a longer flap.
Save any excess you may have. The strip I cut away was used later to pad the sides of the bag.

Step 3: Laying down the first tape layer

Picture of Laying down the first tape layer
This takes some patience but is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Using a large cutting mat with a grid on it is most helpful. These mats are available at sewing and fabric stores (cheaper) and art supply stores (expensive). I got mine at a fabric store.

I measured the foam and decided to make this base layer of tape about 2 inches wider on each of the long sides and about 4 inches longer either end. The tape has to be laid out sticky side up and I just use a piece of masking tape to hold the ends down.

I overlapped each strip about 1/4 inch.
bunderwood111 months ago
I made mine with a strap
Good job!
tygirltaco3 years ago
I didn't see it anywhere and perhaps this is somewhere in these instructions and I just missed it but about how many rolls or what total length of duct tape would you recommend for this? It doesn't look like much my guess is a single roll or so would be enough but I wanted to double check.
dawg0653 years ago
loved your instructable.can this be scaled down to fit a gatewaynotebook laptop?
kathleenhenri (author)  dawg0653 years ago
Absolutely! Just adjust the meaasurements to fit your laptop.
Good luck!
I was actually planning on doing this once I got my lap top working. Now I know how to do it! :D
randomguy965 years ago
Do you think that this would easily convert into a messenger bag?
kathleenhenri (author)  randomguy965 years ago
I made a messenger bag using this pattern and ran the tape for the shoulder strap down sides of the sleeve and around the bottom. No guarantees that it would work for you - but you could try it.
Meganoki5 years ago
lol i was just looking at this and the colors remind me of michael jackson thriller..... :)
kathleenhenri (author)  Meganoki5 years ago
Funny - but true!
Excellent work! Great Instructable!
hernanai6 years ago
Hells yeah.... 5/5 and Faved
mweston6 years ago
Wow, impressive! I like the black stripe too - it adds a good touch other than just red. I might try this method with the foam between the tape layers for some other things too. Keep up the good work
kathleenhenri (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion. I agree and I'll try to make that step more clear. Please check back.
gmjhowe6 years ago
Great work. The use of duct tape works pretty well in this instructable. I think i might make one for my macbook, its good to have that extra layer! Just a quick suggestion, Step 7 is the most complicated step, and has the least explanation, i know the pictures show it mostly, but i suggest splitting it into two steps, as to show it more clearly, maybe with a few more comments explaining how you went about it.
berky936 years ago
nice! although this isn't really a padded duct tape sleeve, its a duct tape cover for a padded sleeve. maybe get much thicker foam and use the laptop as reference for the dimensions instead of the case, that way it will be a real duct tape padded sleeve. but the end product looks really clean and nice