Introduction: Custom 3D Signs in Cardboard!!!

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This is my Custom 3D signs project 100% in cardboard. It can be made whit a very little budget and a few days of work!

The size of the model can be modify to attend your demand too 

Step 1: #1 Materials.

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Here goes the list:

- Cardboard!
- A4 paper
-Glues: Hot, White, Contact
-Paint Brush

Step 2: #2 Preparing the Model.

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Here we go.

I got this free images in the web.

Whit Adobe Photoshop I made some particular changes.

Whit Illustrator we can print the image in a tile range, scaling the model to your own need.

After print, just build up the model!

Whit the model in your hands, just move the form to a cardboard base.

To make the 3d effect, just build two layers of the model in cardboard.

You can cut out the lettlers from the model too.

Step 3: #3 Building It.

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In the first example I used some spackling paste, the work gets harder, but the final appearance is great!

It's time to paint!

Because of the color and the absorption of the cardboard it's necessary to paint the cube with a white cover.

After two layers...

Paint with you favorite colours!

To glow in dark light, I used some neon paint

Varnish its a great idea too!

Step 4: #4 Finishing.

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You can customize you sign in many ways!

In the second example I put some christmas lights around the border.

Hope you enjoy! =)
Sorry by my poor english =/


opalz7 (author)2012-12-01

great idea!!!

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