Step 4: Assembly: Board

Alright, hard part's done, let's do this!!!

Here are some lovely little power settings I used for my parts.  I used a Universal Laser 6.6, 60W (Picture 1).

Cut 0.236" thick acrylic:  100% Power, 2% Speed
Cut 0.118" thick acrylic: 100% Power, 5% Speed
Engrave any acrylic:  80% Power, 100% Speed


I mean that.

You'll want to remove the top sheets for all of the acrylic sheets (squares, trim, etc) so you don't have to peel all of them off individually when everything is cut out.  I made this mistake the first time and my fingers hurt a ton by the time I was done.

Great, your parts are now cut out!  WOOOOOOO!  Picture 2 shows all the squares and trim laid out.  Note the protective paper.  I should have taken some of that off earlier :(

Picture 3 shows the holes in the bottom layer.  These require a bit of work.  You may have to punch out some plugs that get stuck in there (like the right hole).  Next, drill them out with the #36 drill bit and then tap them with a 6-32 tap.  The cross section looks pretty slick, you can see the threads.

Picture 6, alright, rip off the protective paper, it's go time.

Lay down the bottom layer.  Lay the trim around the edges, then place the individual squares in.  You may want to use archival gloves to avoid smudging things.  Now lay the top layer on.  Take your allen wrench, drop screws through the top layer, through the middle layer, and then thread them into the bottom layer.  Don't overtighten, you'll strip out the threads in the bottom layer.

Put a little rubber foot on the bottom between each pair of two screws.  Voila!  BOARD (Last Picture)!
This is so beautiful! Great work and wonderful 'Ible. <br><br>As a side note, while I can see why you'd have second thoughts about it I really like the look of the columns seen through the clear pieces. (And not just because they look like tiny models of futuristic buildings.)
Well done. If you want to avoid the &quot;blackening&quot; of the acrylic with the paper removed, try a higher speed (20-30%). You might not cut through in one pass, but you also won't char the acrylic. Rubbing alcohol also does a pretty good job of removing the black if you use it immediately. <br><br>I think I will have to make one of these before I graduate and lose access to our laser cutters.
Wow, what a great instructible. <br> <br>I for one am in your camp, I have always been fascinated with a great looking chess set, and have often thought of building or buying one of the nice themed sets (Star Wars comes to mind), but although I do know how to play, I also do not play well. <br> <br>good Job
Fantastic imagination AND execution. Thanks for sending including all the gotcha's. That makes it a great instructable IMHO.
I really love the set! If I may offer a suggestion though, attach a piece of felt to the bottom of the pieces. This helps them glide across the board and will keep the edges of the pieces scratching the surface of it as well. Just my $0.02.<br><br>Again, very nice!
awesome !<br>really impressive photos
the set is badasssss...........!!! and the MIT logo makes it even more so (wish i was an MITian :'( )
This is awesome!
Brilliant. Very attactive and certainly has the wow factor. Well done with the ible it's great.
Hi!, I loved your design. I tried to open de excell spreadsheet with several programs, but nothing worked..<br>Would you help me? How do you open a spreadsheet?<br><br>Thanks for your time <br>And congrats for your project! :)<br>
I'm not sure what's up with the file. The file that downloads is not an excel file, and I'm sure I uploaded the correct file. <br><br>Luckily, I still had the file hanging around, so it should be all fixed now. Let me know if you need help understanding it. You should be able to open it with Microsoft Excel, Open Office, or potentially even GoogleDocs Spreadsheet.
Hi, <br>I love your design, I tried to read de excell spreadsheet with several programas, but I couldn't...<br>Would you help me? how do you open a spreadsheet?<br><br>Thank you for your time :)<br>And congrats for your project!<br><br>
This is awesome, my <a href="http://igripromagiu.ru/">game</a>
Nice job! I would have bought such chess ...
I know this may be asking too much, but would you be able to upload your SolidWorks files? I tried designing the pieces myself, but as I've only successfully used SolidWorks once before (for something very simple), I messed it up quite badly...<br> <br> If not, I understand.<br> <br> Thanks for the awesome instructable :D
a duck? :P
i think ill make some wooden chess pieces one side will be chickens and tthe other side will be monkeys to celebrate the chinese zodiac
Ripper cober, intend to make one of these one day. To cut the clear acrylic, I made a raised bed, with tiny tables of clear acrylic to sit the sheet on, this way I can remove the sheet at will and replace it in the exact same position every time, still with drawing loaded and saved on pc. No burning marks this way. Hooroo from downunder.
Truly beautiful! I do not have a machine like that at my disposal, but i was thinking of making the pieces on a CNC machine out of billet brass and aluminum. One concept that I find really neat is engraved acrylic and LEDs. if properly placed, the LED will cause only the engraved portion to light up.<br><br> For Example, https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-LED-Wedding-Table-Cards/ by JerseyJ <br><br>I am very impressed with the complexity and quality...GREAT JOB!

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