Picture of Custom Audio Shelf
This custom audio shelf was a gift to my girlfriend. I wanted to give here a nice place to store her CDs and vinyl records and I was unable to find any store-bought options I liked. The shelf was designed for a record player to sit on top and hold 120 CDs.

Note that this Instructable assumes prior woodworking experience and experience with power tools.

Step 1: Design: Vinyl Shelf

Picture of Design: Vinyl Shelf
I'm referring to the middle section of the shelf as the Vinyl shelf. It's a simple one shelf, square design divided into four sections.
n2310 months ago

Nice ! what software did u use for the ”blueprint„


cmonaco3 (author)  n2310 months ago
I used SketchUp.
fabiotnt1 year ago
Nice project, man! Congratulations!
nerd74731 year ago
very cool I will probably do something similar to my storage area