Let me start by saying, I am a huge fan of this website. I saw "Thoying" posted some really badass bean bag toss boards https://www.instructables.com/id/Collapsible-Cornhole-Boards/ but seeing as how he choose such terrible sports teams. I thought I would do my favorite sports teams (notably more terrible). Also, this is my first instructable so please bare with me.

Step 1: Materials Needed - Layout Plans

The materials that I used included:

*half a sheet of 1/2in MDF
*half a sheet of 1/2in (any) plywood
*four 30in continuous hinge
*A bunch of small foam brushes
*Paint of your choosing and A Poly finish
*Primer (I forgot to use it, and it seems like it will last)

Once I got all of my "materials" I basically got started cutting the boards. Cut both 1/2 sheets in half (one for the boards and the other for the braces).

As for the layout, I followed Thoying's plan (like just about everything else I did) and used Microsoft Publisher. Having never even used it before, it was surprisingly easy to use, so I don't see anyone having any issues with it. Just make sure you set the image size is set to 4ft by 8ft (the size of the boards you just cut), and put a 4 by 16 grid over it. Than basically go to Google images and search for the logo/design you want to do. Be aware you have to cut the hole eventually, so plan accordingly. I posted the link to my two designs below.
Hello,<br> I know this was awhile ago, but wondering if you could give more information about the braces. &nbsp;I get the inch in from the mid point meaning the high end would be 11&quot; and the low point would be 3&quot; according to what you said. &nbsp;But also it appears you do not use the whole length of the board so I was wondering how much you cut off the 2' x 4' piece before you did the other steps, just from eyeballing the pictures I would say its about 36&quot; long but not sure. &nbsp;Second any way you could send me pics of how you attached the braces as well with the hinges in your pictures it appears each board is attached differently. &nbsp;Any help would be appreciated.<br> Thanks

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