Step 4: Drill hole, Make braces and Connect hinges.

Picture of Drill hole, Make braces and Connect hinges.
I have make bean bag toss games before and found drilling the hole to be the hardest part. I mean, I put A LOT of time into making these boards the best I could, so it was really a no brainer to risk messing up the hole. I would highly recommend buying the "cornhole drill head" to punch out the holes (took like 30 seconds for each board). Drill the hole at the mid point in between the 2 sides. Go down 9 in's and mark that point. Use that point as the middle of your drill. 

I am sorry I don't have pictures of my brace construction (used my phone to take all of these and it was dead that day). You could refer to Thoying's, but they were pretty easy to make. I cut them out of my 1/2 sheet of 1/2in birch plywood. Heres a "crude image":

----------    ----------
           -      -
          -        -
         -          -
        -            -
       -              -
      -                -
     -                  -

I just measured an inch on each side of the midpoint, than 3 in in on the bottom of each point. Than use a straight edge and connect the 2 points. Sand them puppies down until the are even (put them back to back), and paint. 

My local hardware store only had 4 hinges (30in continuous). All you have to do is drill them to the back of the board so that the part that connects to the brace is flush with the top of the board. Kind of hard to explain with out pictures I know, but pretty easy to figure out when you see it in front of you.