Picture of Custom Belt Buckle
How to take your own pictures/designs and put them into a rad belt buckle.

Tools you'll need:
Casting Resin
Clear tape
Mixing bowl & mixing tool
Blank belt buckle
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Step 1: Tool time

Picture of Tool time
Belt buckle How-to 006.JPG
First, get all your tools together for easy access.

Measure your belt buckle, for picture sizing. (Mine ended up being 2in x 2 3/4in)

Step 2: Picture time

Picture of Picture time
Belt buckle How-to 010.JPG
Next, Select picture you like, and resize it. Then print picture and laminate it using your clear tape.

Step 3: Resin time

Picture of Resin time
Now, mix your resin and catalyst. (read complete instructions on resin label)
For this project I used 1 oz of resin, mixed with 15 drops of catalyst. I marked out the 1 oz on my mixing bowl to make it easy. Stir well for approx. 60 seconds.

The bubbles will work themselves out for the most part once the resin is drying.

Step 4: Pouring time

Picture of Pouring time
Place your picture into the belt buckle, trim as needed. Then pour resin on top of picture being careful not to overflow it.

Step 5: Drying time

Picture of Drying time
Let the resin dry fully in the buckle.

Voila! You have a custom belt buckle.
EthanJP1 year ago
How much would you charge for a custom one?
TechDante5 years ago

this is the company used by jenifer bryan for teh belt buckle from Make: issue 22
 An alternative to taping the picture is to coat the image with one or two layers of Mod Podge (It's a glue, seal and finish). Cover the image on the front and the back, let it dry, and put on another coat to be safe. Mod Podge is fairly inexpensive. It seals the ink in and the resin out more effectively than the tape does. 

Hope this helps. :)
jansim5 years ago
Even though I laminated the picture with clear tape (front and back), the resin still leaks in from the sides and "stains" the picture.  Any suggestions on how to prevent this?
jansim5 years ago
I found that if you run a hair dryer over the cast at a sideways angle, the bubbles come out really fast.  (Just watch that you don't "blow" your resin over the edge of your buckle).
russian55 years ago
Did you put the buckle in a container when applying the resin or did you just pour it on?
jansim5 years ago
Just wondering where you purchased your belt buckle.  I have looked all over the net and can't seem to find this exact one.  Did you buy it at a store? Thanx!
crapflinger6 years ago
any chance you've got make/model (for lack of a better term) on the resin product?
Check this image - the information is there for you already.