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Introduction: Custom Bicycle Tire Valve Caps

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This Instructable will show you how to create custom valve caps.
The video I posted has a bunch of ideas for items that can be used to make caps. I will also put a list of ideas at the end.

Items Needed:
1. a drill or a drill press
2. 3/8" drillbit
3. safety glasses
4. glue (I use E6000)
5. toothpicks
6. clamp
7. dice
8. valve caps (schrader)

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Step 1: Drilling Your Dice

1. place the dice on the platform to determine how deep you want to drill. If you are using a hand drill, you can put tape on the bit at the depth you want to drill
2. secure the dice into the clamp
3. put your safety glasses on
4. turn the drill on
5. I usually use the side of the die with the 1 because it is easier to line up the bit
6. drill slowly with a firm grip on the clamp
The video on page one will give you ideas as what to use for cap covers that do not need to be drilled.

Step 2: Gluing Your Dice

1. using a toothpick, coat your new hole generously with your glue
2. slide the valve cap into the hole
3. press them together until the cap is all the way inside
4. let sit until dry
5. modify as you choose - I chose to bling mine out, it tried my patience but was worth it

Step 3: Valve Cap Resources

I have come up with a bunch of ideas as to what can be used as cap covers. Again, the video ( illustrates a fair amount of these ideas. Below, I will list some of these ideas and would appreciate comments about items you may have found.

Object Resources:
1. dice - I have found them in 10 packs for $1.00 at dollar stores
2. bouncy balls - they are everywhere
3. pencil toppers - seasonal toppers are easy to find at craft stores, I might go the day after the holiday for the best deals
4. computer keys - these are pretty easy to find and require a different Schrader cap, look for the flat top caps with the stem screw on them
5. lego - this is limitless, I prefer to just leave it at that
6. pez dispensers - another dollar store find
7. gumball machine toys - these vary greatly
8. your imagination - hopefully limitless

Valve Cap Resources:
I have had great success scoring caps, I just tell them what I am up to and they generally like the idea.
1. bike shops
2. car tire stores
3. motorcycle dealers
4. your bicycling friends
5. eBay
6. your bikes
7. mom's car

Step 4: Notes

This reindeer pencil topper has been on my bike for about 5 months (fall and winter 2012-13). I ride 5 or 6 times a week and besides a little grime, it has held up very well. I just replaced it with custom Jolly Roger dice caps. More pictures to follow.



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    I also like that this project can be done for almost FREE! Asking for extra valve caps at bike stores and reusing pencil toppers or old dice is a great recycling project too!

    Thank you, I'm making Lego cap covers now - they turned out great. I'll be sure to post them if there is enough interest.

    VERYcool post! Thank you.

    I cant wait to try it!

    Did you ever make valve caps?

    Thank you. I would love to see you results. If you find the time, could you post a picture or link?

    I love this! What a clever idea. thanks for the inspriation and do have a splendorous day.


    Thank you. Please let me know if you make these.