You've always wanted a briefcase. You know you have.
But with all the options of different pockets and colors and designs which should you choose? Plus there is usually a pretty penny to spend for one.

Solution? Make one yourself! With recycled materials you get to save the planet and your purse, and make your briefcase exactly how you want it.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

-Cardboard - I used the bottom from a case of water bottles, and the packaging from some good 'ol Ramen Noodles
-News papers
-White glue and other adhesives of choice - I used white glue and tacky glue
-Nylon strapping

-bowl to mix in
-something to mix with, preferably disposable

Optional Tools/Supplies
-rivet gun

**You may also want items that you plan to carry in your new briefcase to size up with**
This is cool im gonna try making one If i have two small boxes
When I made this helmet, I secured the straps with more glue and paper - I think this might be better than pop-rivets, or perhaps good in addition? L
hahahaha Halloween come early
I thought about just using glue and maybe more paper or tyvec, but since this is supposed to hold a little bit of weight (and because I like using pop-rivets) I chose to use rivets. Neat mask.
I like pop-rivets, but I hate cheap guns that fall apart on every 'pop' while you're trying to build a roof... L
Unfortunately, I don't have a rivet gun. Is there a better solution, or should I use lemonie's idea of just more paper and glue? BTW, excellent. I'm making one tonight! (5'd and fav'd)
Thanks! Instead of rivets, you could try glue. I'd suggest cutting a slit in the card board, pulling a little bit of the strapping back towards the opening (like the letter U) and then gluing. You could also tape or staple it as well.

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