Introduction: Custom Cable Management for Ikea Furniture

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I, like many of you have multiple devices with lots of cables that need managing. When we setup the entertainment center I quickly or everything in so I could focus on something else but I kept seeing cables. Everytime I watched tv all I could see was the rats nest behind my stylish Ikea furniture.

My OCD finally took over my laziness and I made a nice cable management system that is flexible and customizable for Ikea furniture. This is my first instructable so please be kind.

Step 1: Items

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You'll need a bit of Velcro, the kind that is self sticking. I purchased 10 ft at WalMart for 5 dollars

A staple gun.

Cable ties.

And of course whatever Ikea furniture you need to hide cables behind.

Step 2: Preparing

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I cut the Velcro into strips about 6 inches long. I cut about 10 of them, cut as much as you think you'll need based off the size of your furniture

Step 3: Velcro

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I want to see as few cables as possible, my furniture has very thin shelves making this tricky I also don't want to see the cable management system.

I stapled the Velcro along the top and bottom shelves and down the vertical shelves.

Try to space them evenly and at areas where the cables will turn.

Step 4: Running Cables

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Once your Velcro is in place and giving a direction for the cables to go, it's time to start running the cables.

Velcro is nice as its easy to place the cable in and add more cables when needed.

Try to not wrap the cable close to itself as this will create a bulge, I know that's not always possible but I wanted as few bulge as possible.

You can see with the longer cables, I had it run along the shelf to keep the bulges down.

Step 5: Finish

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Once you're happy with the cable run, it's time to tighten the flow of the cables using zip ties.

Once you're done, the cables are hidden and secure keeping that minimalist look you want in the home.

See the difference?


tilan24 (author)2016-12-04

Great idea thanks

DIY Dave (author)2016-07-24

great idea stapling the velcro down, it's solid but won't do major damage to the furniture

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-24

Nice organization. I really need to do this for my media setup.

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