Custom Camera Labels





Introduction: Custom Camera Labels

It is easier than you might think to create a template for ANY generic disposable camera (and extremely accurate too!)

Step 1: Materials Needed

- Disposable Cameras
- Digital Camera
- Photo editing software (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Paint.NET)
- Sticker paper
- Printer
- Design SKILLS
- X-acto Knife or Scissors

Step 2: Create Your Template

Get your digital camera ready - take a photo of your disposable camera straight on (not from an angle).

Open the photo of your disposable camera in your photo editing software. Straighten the image if needed so it is perfect horizontally. Select JUST the label area of the photo and crop it. You will most likely crop out some of the camera - this is fine, you ONLY want the existing label.

Measure the existing label's width & height with a ruler and resize the cropped image you just created to that exact size. YOU NOW HAVE YOUR TEMPLATE!

Clear the image and make your own designs/wording. Pay attention to areas that do not have a design - such as around the lens or flash areas. I traced around those areas with a simple black pen-tool so I could make my design around them.

Step 3: Print the Labels

Print the labels. Hand cut with scissors or X-acto knife. Simple, eh!?

Step 4: Make Magic Happen

Remove the existing labels from the camera.

Carefully put your new labels on the camera.




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nice quick and easy :)

Oh quick tip, if anyones having problems removing the existing labels, a spot of lighter fluid (zippo fuel) will make quick work of the adhesive.