I know there are plenty 'candle-making' instructables on here already, but most of them end with rather straightforward, standard shaped candles. With this instructable I will try to give some examples of what you can do with candles to make them original, and personal!

Besides this is my first instructable, so feel free to give advice for my next one!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

For making the candles:

- candle wax, or old candles you have lying around
- 2 cooking pots/pans for melting the wax
- candle wicks, or similar strings or cords (no plastic stuff)

For making the molds:
You can use a large variety of materials for the molds, but there are some things to remember when choosing a specific material. I will describe some that I have used.

- foamboard (foam inbetween 2 layers of thin smooth cardboard), is sturdy enough not to deform when you pour the wax. makes for smooth surfaces.
- thin cardboard, can be both smooth or rough, texture will reflect on the candle surface.
IMPORTANT! thin cardboard can bend inwards while the wax is cooling (and shrinking)!
- a hobby knife to cut the materials
- glue, hobby glue or any woodglue will do
- masking tape to hold the mold in place while the glue dries

<p>I have never considered using foam board before, I will have to try it.</p><p>I've been using a crockpot for my wax melting. I've dedicated one to wax alone, food will never again be cooked in it. I put it on high to melt it and then low to maintain the melt. It takes it a bit longer to melt in the first place but you don't have to worry about fire or getting wax on your burners. I also suggest using disposable foil pans under everything to help contain drips and spills. </p><p>If you have a lot of candles to melt down you can also use disposable foil muffin tins to make small blocks of wax that are easier to store.</p>
Great idea using shapes for the molds. Now you just need to customize them with color or pictures like <a href="http://customcandle.org" rel="nofollow">Custom Candles</a> does.
this did inspire me thanks for the instruction!
i want to make a lego how would i do that???
make a mold of a lego and then pour wax in the mold<br>
how do you insert the metal heart ... do you need two wicks??
&nbsp;I like these ideas. Thanks.<br /> Would it help to smear some veg oil on the inside of the moulds so they would separate from the candle?
i found olive oil helps but only with non absorbing materials. milk cartons are a good material for molds.
I&nbsp;think it would help, I&nbsp;read it somewhere on this site as well. Haven't tried it myself...<br />
Nice, now I should collect all the alien looking candles and try this. I wonder how it smells like with 5 different smells mixed. (bet its not gonna be bad tho)
Very cool. I especially like the one with the holes through it. I bet if you used short pieces of pvc pipe lubricated with a little vegetable oil, you'd have a much easier time demolding. Copper tubing might also work.
i think it would work but would the veg oil freeze?
I sincerely doubt that it would be a problem.
but it would if you live in places that get up to 35 below 0 ;) But I live in Georgia I doubt that would be a problew either
Very cool! do you have any tips for getting that residue wax out of the bottom of jars?<br />
To remove wax from the bottom of glass jars, just put the jar in the freezer for about ten minutes.&nbsp; The wax will then come out.<br />
Thanks! I'm not totally sure what you mean by residue wax, but if you mean the wax from old burnt up candles, I guess it can be tricky to get it out. Perhaps putting the jar in some hot water and letting the wax melt again, then pour it in something you can easily get it out of. Hope that helps!<br />
&nbsp;Try putting it in the freezer the just take a plastic knife and scrape it off
Very cool. You may want to give a little more detail on how to set-up the double boiler/two pot method for melting the wax. I know what you're talking about from having done some candle making in the past, but for those unfamiliar with this method it would be important to know as it relates to safety.<br /> <br /> Overall great instructable. I look forward to seeing more in the future!
Yes you're right! I wanted to make this more of an inspirational one than a technical one, but safety is always the most important. <br /> <br /> Thanks for the advice, and the compliments!<br />
One thing I found making candles in my (earlier) childhood was that you must be careful not to end up making the wick travel too horizontally, as the flame &quot;goes up&quot; from its source and, in use, can extinguish itself with melted wax from above.<br /> <br /> Just a thought :D Way cool end results you got! I love the wick coming out of the chimney.<br />

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