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This is a super easy project that makes fun, unique candy wrappers.  I made a set for this Halloween, and also made some for an upcoming baby shower I am hosting, but you can also do it for birthday's (parties favors or presents), trade shows, Christmas, housewarmings, Easter, or when ever you would give candy. 

All you need is 
*Template Kit (optional)

I used this template kit from Peppermint Creative.  It cost $9.50 (of course I got it on sale), and includes the templates you need to make wrappers for the following candies:
Altoid Mint Tin (50g / 1.76oz), Cadbury Caramilk Bar (52g / 1.83oz), Specialty Hershey Bar (43g -Canada), Regular Hershey Bar (45g Canada), Hershey Extra Dark Bar (100g / 3.52oz), Regular Hershey's Bar (1.55oz USA), Large Hershey Bar (5oz USA), Cadbury Fruit/Nut Bar (200g / 7.05oz), Hershey Rolo Candy (1.7oz), M&M Mini's Tube (1.08oz), Lifesavers Roll, Mentos Roll, Mini Assorted Hershey Bar, Hershey Kiss Bottoms, 7x5" Treat Topper (fit to standard ziplock sandwich bag)
It also includes "stamps" you can put on the wrappers like bar-codes and themed nutritional information.  If you do not want to buy the kit, you can always measure the candy, and open a file in the size you need.

This project was just one set back after another, but in the mind frame of Julia Child, I kept going, and the end result isn't EXACTLY what I was expecting, but it still looks good to me.

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Step 1: Open the File

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After you purchase the template, extract all the files.  Pick the kind of wrapper you want to make and open the file for it.  I was using a USA Hershey bar (1.55oz).  
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I was told there would be noms. hand them over.