Picture of Custom Cardboard Sword
Everyone has cardboard, it just goes to waste.  So why not have some fun with it? This is a step- by - step instructable that shows how to make a sword out of cardboard. If you, the viewer like to give me any helping advice, (Since this is my first XD), I will gladly accept it. So here's what you need.

- One large Cardboard Box
- A glue gun
- Exact-o Knife and/or scissors 
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Step 1: The Blade

First you need to make the blade. When making it (you can be creative with it) remember to have the small piece sticking out, it's needed later. Cut it out and use it as a template to make two more. (A total of three) Then cut the extra piece off one and glue them together. The one with the extra piece cut off must be in the center!!! 

Step 3: Fine Details

Picture of Fine Details
Now to make it look pretty. Cut out two cardboard strips and glue them on to the sword to cover up where you made the attachment, paint and enjoy!
mackman391011 months ago

this is a good idea… i'm gonna do this sometime.