Make good use of tiny scraps with this little project. These are an excellent way to add a tiny detailed personalization to your mini-blinds or ceiling fan/lights as well as any pull chain operated switch.
These are very simple to make and require the smallest of scraps.

Step 1: Gather Some Scraps

*****Please refer to your lathe manual and follow all safety precautions

You need a mini or midi lathe for this project as well as a chuck or a way to attach small scraps to the face-plate of the lathe.

You also need some string or ball chain.

Dude that's amazing
I made this one from White Thorn, I used a eye screw to attach the chain rather than drill right through as it is quite large . I originally put a brass chain on but had to change it for the light weight flat stuff as the total weight was just on the edge of tripping the pull switch , something to watch out for if you want a larger knob with a metal chain.
yup. nice idea. <br>
These are very well done and a great Instructable. May I suggest that you either add Light Pull to your title or some other term which covers (ALL) pulls. Ceiling fan pull is a little specific and you may be missing out on people who want a pull but not for a ceiling fan., Everybody has lights but fewer have ceiling fans, I want people to see it. It's great. Regards.
Thanks <br>Good Idea. Fixed <br>
Very nice indeed. If you don't have a lathe, I wonder if you could make these on a Drill press?
Thanks. Yes, you can make something like this on a drill press. I think there are many Instructables on using your drill press as a lathe.
Great! looks like my weekend just got a little more busy.
These are very very quick. Have fun!. <br>
These are lovely!
Thanks PoofRabbit. <br>
Those are really nice looking. I wish I had those tools, and, well, a ceiling fan :)
Thank you. It has taken me many years to gather them tool by tool <br>
Fantastic Idea, makes me want to pick up a lathe even more.
Thanks. It's a lot of fun. <br>

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