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Introduction: Custom Cookie Cutter

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Valentine's Day 2005/ Problem: Cookies are the perfect gift, but the only cookie cutters left in the house are left over from Halloween.

Step 1: Find an Old Cookie Cutter

Decide which cookie cutters you don't mind getting rid of.

Step 2: Heat It Up

Heat the old cookie cutter over a burner. Tongs recommended.

Step 3: Smooth It Out

Carefully smooth out original shape using needlenose pliars.

Step 4: Shape It

As the metal cools, form the new shape using the pliars.

Step 5: A Little More

Once metal cools, it is easier to finish the shaping with your hands.

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat the process with different sized cookie cutters.

Step 7: Try Various Sizes and Shapes, Decorate and Serve

Different sized cookie cutters offset the simplicity of the shape.

Decorate with homemade frosting. Serve with tea.



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    I have wanted a Pi cookie cutter. I may try this next week.

    Nice and pretty , delicious !

    Oh my gosh that looks so great i think ill try making some

    good idea, but what happens when you have old PLASTIC cookie cutters? xD

    3 replies

    you know what happens? fumes, that's what. :D

    i have to say randomly, that you, cowscankill, have an awesome picture

    Sweet! Also those cookies look awesome!