Picture of Custom Cookie Cutter
Valentine's Day 2005/ Problem: Cookies are the perfect gift, but the only cookie cutters left in the house are left over from Halloween.

Step 1: Find an old cookie cutter

Picture of Find an old cookie cutter
Decide which cookie cutters you don't mind getting rid of.
I will make it for my BF.THX.
farzadbayan5 years ago
Nice and pretty , delicious !
the sis6 years ago
Oh my gosh that looks so great i think ill try making some
Kaiven7 years ago
good idea, but what happens when you have old PLASTIC cookie cutters? xD
you know what happens? fumes, that's what. :D
i have to say randomly, that you, cowscankill, have an awesome picture
Shifrin7 years ago
Sweet! Also those cookies look awesome!
gothichiic7 years ago
pretty cool!!