Picture of Custom Cricut Marker Holder
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Have you ever not used something just because it wasn't readily at hand?

This is what happened to me when I purchased a Cricut machine (not for scrapbooking) and the co-ordinating markers and deep cut housing.  I knew this would continue unless I got more organized but didn't tuck them all away in another plastic tote that I couldn't be bothered to dig through when inspiration hit.

Step 1:

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Firstly, I started with some sheets of Lexan, Vivak or Mylar - I ordered the Lexan for my dollhouse windows since it is fairly scratch resistant and added a few other items to sample.
I didn't realize that I chose the opaque code and this is how I ended up looking for something to use it on.  Really any polycarbonate will work fine if you have enough surface area for the quantity of markers you have.

Next I gathered a square, a acrylic sheet cutting blade (not shown), my ever trusty Xacto blade and a set of circle templates.  I used the template because it's easier to eyeball the placement of the  second set of circles AND I could actually poke the marker through it to test fit. 

Can't do that with a compass.
TBirdy2010 (author) 3 years ago
Thanks! Yes a test tube holder was the inspiration but certainly not in the back of my closet...Also it's small enough that you can use recycled plastic although I have lots of lexan, acrylic and Tivar that I use making dollhouses and DH items so it was handy, in flawless shape and makes it look nice enough to put on the wall...
mhenson43 years ago
I did something similar but I was lucky enough to find an old test tube holder that worked great. But this is a great idea if you don't have access to old lab supplies.