Custom Delorean Back to the future from 1955 Delorean

Step 1: Demounting Old and Used Pedalcar Firetruck-model

Step 2: Scaling With Cardboard

Step 3: Cutting Forms Ou of ALU-Dibond

Step 4: Assembling Cutted Forms an Custom Decorations

<p>osom bild</p>
This is really awesome. Be careful to not let them go down hills or they might get up to 88 MPH.
<p>thx LOL :)</p>
<p>Great idea, you should add some leds to it!</p>
<p>thx... yeah i thought about it ;)</p>
<p>That's super sweet!</p>
Excellent and very timely, as October 21, 2015 was the day Marty McFly travelled to in the future. What material did you use for the body panels?
<p>Thx :) I used Alu - Dibond 6 mm</p>
Awesome build! :)
<p>Thx :)</p>
<p>This is so cool! I'd love to see how you made the body. </p>
<p>Hi and many thanks :)... i added some photos to the steps, after cutting the bodyparts i just fixed all togetter with rivets and angles, to gett more shape in to the dibond, i just routed one side of end bended it in shape,...sorry my english isnt that good ;)</p>

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