Step 4: Foam Prototype

Time to prototype in Foam! Safety first, common sense is a must and never work alone, yada yada yada. Safety is a priority, but I'm going to assume if you can program and run your router you know basic safety procedures. If I try to rush a safety spiel I will miss something so for now your off the hook.


Secure your foam blank in place on your tooling. "Plastic is playing." In other words, use plastic bolts and washers unitl you know for certain you aren't going to hit them. Better safe than sorry.

I again have to assume you know how to run your CNC router. We used our schools old and worn AXYZs. Our foam prototype was 1/4" off on either end of a pass, from a slipping Z drive. The result of student abuse of our poor machine that led to its recent untimely demise.