Custom Engraving Tutorial - Part 1 (skill Easy)


Introduction: Custom Engraving Tutorial - Part 1 (skill Easy)

I thought its maybe a good idea to show of some of the techniques you could use to engrave a custom computer case / window.

In the First video i show you one of the easiest ways to achieve good results without practising in nearly no time....
This method is ideal for beginners which not have much experience with a rotary tool.

Things you need:

- Rotary Tool
- thin needle engraver
- a sheet of plexi
- a picture of what youre going to engrave
- a bit of adhesive tape



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    You need Bigger and easier to read text. Good 'ible, will show my sister =)

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    ditto on this, plus you actually telling instructions instead of music and text isn't the way to make an instructional video.

    Instead of music I prefer when the person gives instructions and tips while they're doing something. Makes it more learnable.