I like most am not made of money. I wanted a quality center piece for my livingroom. I recommend a walk through ikea to see what designs you like. My entertainment center will fit a 55 inch LCD. For this project you will need:
16-20 sheets of veneer (I bought mine at habitat for humanity for $1.00 per sheet).
8-10 sheets of particle board or plywood (I used 3/8 inch particle board. $5.00 per sheet)
wood glue
2 gallons of contact cement
stain (I used black)
tablesaw, drill, rags
cabinet hinges and handles
wood dowels or biskets

You will need to have a detailed plan drawn out with dimensions for each piece. Glue veneer to both sides of your sheet material and measure the thickness. That way you can figure out your dimensions properly. Once you are happy with your design, you can start preparing your pieces.

Step 1: Preparing the Pieces

I started by cutting the pieces individually. Then glued veneer to the pieces and trimmed. After doing this project once, I highly recommend not attempting it this way. Veneer both sides of each main sheet, then layout your pieces and edge trim. Here are some pics of me wasting time.
Tip for clean edges: cut your edge trim larger than the actual piece. glue both the trim and piece. once the glue is tacky, press together. place the piece on a hard surface and use a sharp razor blade to cut along the edges of the piece. this leaves a very clean edge.
Nicely done! My husband has been wanting to make an entertainment center too!

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