video Custom Fiberglass Dash Tutorial
Here's how to make a custom dash or any other interior part for your hot rod or custom car.
settra1 year ago
DUDE. very nice instructable. the technique you used at 3:30, might save my life from now on!! thanks!!
lordguyton (author)  settra1 year ago
Thank you! Glad I could help
jovial_cynic11 months ago
After the felt, when you are putting the fiberglass resin over it, are you also applying any actual fiberglass sheets, or are you only putting the resin on?
lordguyton (author)  jovial_cynic11 months ago

Since I used the MDF as a support behind the fleece, there's no need to add fiberglass. If your project can't have a backing in it like MDF, then you would need to reinforce with fiberglass cloth or mat. If possible, do this from behind as opposed to on the front. That way there is less bodywork to do, and less detail will be lost

Ah, beautiful. Thanks!
cckingsley1 year ago
We're working on a 78 fiat spider and I am definitely going to use this for a better looking dash! Thank you, great video!
rlarios1 year ago
It looks easy on your video. Question, how easy is to do this for the first time?

Awesome video!
lordguyton (author)  rlarios1 year ago
This was my second time, so I think anyone can do this. I don't work with these materials very often either. It's a SLOW process, but nothing about it is very hard.
jcabrera151 year ago
awesome work!! saving this video for later reference!
zomfibame1 year ago
very nice. ... and I dig the use of the soda-can bottom for the middle socket.
Well done! Nice video, simple technique, and good-looking project in the end.
dkooij1 year ago
I only can see 1 picture ??
lordguyton (author)  dkooij1 year ago
It's a video, not a picture. If you are viewing from a mobile device, try using a computer instead
i see thanks :) very nice vid
That's awesome great job i will be making this soon
PS1181 year ago
Wow! That turned out NICE!
Thanks for sharing.
Nice Job!