Picture of Custom Fit Earbuds

Hello all This is a project I have wanted to do for almost three years but hit a bit of a stumbling block I could never find a product that let me mold it to the shape of my ear and would harden without much shrinkage.
Finally thanks to mikey77 and his OoGoo  I have a material that not only has all the properties i was looking for but removes most of the building complexities as well
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Step 1: You need

Items you need
Clear 100% silicone
Earbuds with removable ear cushions
cheap pen
a small drill bit
paper cup
gorilla tape
optional dremal/drill

Step 2: Make Oogoo

for a very in-depth analysis of what Oogoo is and why it works see Oogoo
its a very interesting read
now on to the build
first thing you want to do is make the Oogoo I suggest using a paper cup to mix it in to start as Oogoo likes to stick to its container.

cover the end of whatever you are using to mix with gorilla tape so as to make a spatula shape

add approximately equal parts silicone and cornstarch into the cup and mix it till it starts looking dry enough to touch

Step 3: Knead

Picture of knead

put a dusting of cornstarch on your hands and grab a small glob of Oogoo.
start to knead this piece adding cornstarch if you feel any wet spots.
dustdevil023 years ago
Is it safe to smell the vapour of the silicon for like an hour because I took an whole hour experimenting this, and I thought the silicon releases some kind of chemical that will harm our body even after it cured, is it true?
mhdguy (author)  dustdevil023 years ago
from my understanding of it the only "vapor" released would be vinegar. (i'll leave it to one of this sites many awesome chemists to validate that 100%).
though i haven't found any negative side effects as of yet if you are worried about long term exposure causing problems you could always try experimenting with food grade silicone
This was a great and simple project. I ride a motorcycle and have always had trouble keeping my earphones in my ears because they don't fit tight enough or stick out just a little too far so my helmet pulls them out when I put it on. When I put my earbuds in the oogoo I made sure I pushed them in as far as I could and my first ride with them was great.
mhdguy (author)  trashcracker3 years ago
I've just started using them the same way ... only problem I've found is over time they shrink enough that on a bike at high speed the wind can get underneath and blow them out. 
I guess the good thing is that they are crazy cheap to make.
mhdguy (author)  trashcracker3 years ago
ya true
although i tend to destroy the headphone wires before the pads need to be replaced
mikesnyd3 years ago
take a q-tip with some vasiline on it and wipe some on the inside of your ear. not a whole bunch but just enough to make a good oil barrier
dopman3 years ago
Great Instructable!
I made some earplugs this way and I'm going to make earbuds for my drumming soon too! :D

Theese are great for music doesent just let the base go through you will hear the high-tones too! :)
I wonder if you could put a sheet of saran wrap between your ear and the oogoo? acid burns don't sound like my cup of tea.
for another project I made (toe spacer for a reoccurring corn) I put some OoGoo into the finger cut off of a latex or nitrite glove then tied it off. I'm sure it would work for this also. its a lot easier getting the goo into the glove if you dust it with corn starch then slide it into the glove. once its tied you can knead it to mix the extra starch into the blob.
mhdguy (author)  mrmoonshineman4 years ago
recently I've been dipping the piece I'm using into cornstarch to act as a barrier directly before i stick it in haven't had any problems since i started doing it that way makes them come out a bit easier too
there are kits online to do this very thing. But they cost $100 so this is awesome, Im going to give it a go thanks for posting it.