Introduction: Custom Fit Sugru Earbuds

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Everyone knows the feeling of when you grab your nice earbuds just to find the cord is broken by the buds or the plug.
Everyone also knows how annoying it can be when you are going somewhere while wearing earbuds and they keep falling out of your ears.
Today we are going to tackle two birds with one stone and solve both problems.

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Step 1: What You Need

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• Any cheap earbuds
• One packet of sugru, any color works
• An Exacto knife, optional

Step 2: The Buds

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You need to flip the rubber cushion on the buds inside out then put sugru around the plastic and flip the rubber buds back to normal. Then, you push the buds it to your ears so they take the shape of the inside of your ears. Then you leave them in your ears while you do the next step.

Step 3: The Cord

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Now you take some little bits of sugru and put them around the ends of the cord by the plug and each bud

Step 4: Waiting

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You have to hang the earbuds to dry for 24 hours

Step 5: Carving

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After it has been drying for 24 hours you just cut little bits off at a time until you like it, remember this step is optional.

Step 6: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy

Just enjoy your custom fit awesome strong and good looking ???????


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