Picture of Custom Fitted Winter Wrap Dress
I never let a little cold weather stop me from wearing a dress. Last winter I found this awesome sweater fabric (the patten name is Kitty apparently) on sale at my local fabric store. I wrote this tutorial for making a custom fit wrap dress to make use of the fabric. I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Measurements

Picture of Measurements
Here are the measurements you'll need.
dancingnazguls made it!1 year ago
I do look kinda dumpy in this photo, but you gave me a fantastic excuse to use some fabric I bought in Vietnam. Thanks for the easy instructions and simple pattern. :)
2014-02-16 21.33.37.jpg
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Ok, I am going to try this formula with some cotton knit I have at home!
useraaaaa2 years ago
Oh that's cute! I love how the fabric worked so that the sleeves are dark and the ends of the sleeves have the light blue design :)