Picture of Custom Fitted Winter Wrap Dress
I never let a little cold weather stop me from wearing a dress. Last winter I found this awesome sweater fabric (the patten name is Kitty apparently) on sale at my local fabric store. I wrote this tutorial for making a custom fit wrap dress to make use of the fabric. I hope you enjoy!
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Step 1: Measurements

Picture of Measurements
Here are the measurements you'll need.

Step 2: Cutting the Top

Picture of Cutting the Top
Cut two (opposite of each other) as follows

Step 3: Upper Back

Picture of Upper Back
Cut 1:

Step 4: The Skirt

Picture of The Skirt
For the skirt, cut three panels

Step 5: Ties

Picture of Ties
Cut 4 ties

Step 6: Steps 5-6

Picture of Steps 5-6
5. Sew ties together, turn right-side out, top stitch. Now you’ll have to strips

6. Assemble the panels, attach the skirt to the top, pleating in the excess in the skirt.

Step 7: Steps 7-8

Picture of Steps 7-8
7. Sew Front panels to back panel at shoulder.

8. Trace arm hole, add seam allowance. Cut two as follows:

Step 8: Sew panels together

Picture of Sew panels together
Sew front right panel to back panel along side seam

Step 9: Steps 10-11

Picture of Steps 10-11
10. Pin one tie strap in place on back panel at left side seam. Then sew together back panel, tie strap and front left panel along seam.

11.  Pin sleeve to dress, sew

Step 10: Finishing seams

Picture of Finishing seams
Finish the neckline/side seams by rolling the edge

Step 11: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches
13. Hem the bottom

14. Attach the second tie strap to the outer edge of the right front panel

15. Attach hooks on the outer left panel and on the side seam which attaches the right front panel to the back panel. This is so when you put the dress on the left panel will stay secured with the hooks and the right panel is tied in place.
dancingnazguls made it!1 year ago
I do look kinda dumpy in this photo, but you gave me a fantastic excuse to use some fabric I bought in Vietnam. Thanks for the easy instructions and simple pattern. :)
2014-02-16 21.33.37.jpg
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Ok, I am going to try this formula with some cotton knit I have at home!
useraaaaa2 years ago
Oh that's cute! I love how the fabric worked so that the sleeves are dark and the ends of the sleeves have the light blue design :)