Introduction: Custom Floatation Tank

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Following are images from the design and construction of a custom Float Tank, or Sensory Deprivation Tank, used as an experimental tool for the architect and creator.

Step 1: Wire-Cut EPS Foam

Picture of Wire-Cut EPS Foam

Step 2: Wood Supports

Picture of Wood Supports

Step 3: Plumbing Detail

Picture of Plumbing Detail

Step 4: Joining Halves of Tank

Picture of Joining Halves of Tank

Step 5: Full Exterior Plumbing

Picture of Full Exterior Plumbing

Step 6: Adding 1000 Pounds of Epsom Salt

Picture of Adding 1000 Pounds of Epsom Salt

Step 7: Float

Picture of Float

Step 8: Experimentation

Picture of Experimentation


Swansong (author)2017-02-16

This is neat! If you include some written directions in the individual steps it will get more attention on the site and be possible to be featured.

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Bio: Ingrid A Schmidt and Hannah Dewhirst, founders of SUBSTUDIO, are architects, artists, and educators.
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