Step 8: Attach It

Picture of Attach It
Attach the strap or wristband.

As Jimmy Buffett memorably put it in '77, 'changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes', affect sundials as acutely as rum drinkers. Sundials are more mathematically predictable, moment to moment. 

Typical orbiting satellites moving at 20,000 mph lose 2/100ths of a second per year due to relative time travel. They make time-traveling adjustments every day. Clocks get out of sync in the process of time travel. Sundial wristwatches do not. They're more accurate that way. Get off your axis and make one.

Time-Traveling Cosmonaut/Chrononaut Sergei Avdeyev has aged about 20 milliseconds less than typical Earthlings. Google it or go to wikipedia. Time Travel is a fact. To join the Sergei & the Chrononauts, (great name for a band) you need tools. Here's Time-Journey Tool 2 of 6.