Seeing that Instructables had a bicycle contest, I knew I had to enter the contest with this project. It took two weeks to get the materials and put it together. So here is the results.

I bought a motorized bicycle kit about a month ago and I did not like the look of the cheaply made tank that comes with all the motorized bicycle kits. They use cheap metal and when I received the kit, the gas tank had a little bit of rust inside and had a dent on the side of it. The petcock that comes with it also leaks and the inline fuel filter sucks.

So I decided to make my own tank using fiberglass, styro-foam, epoxy resin, and wooden dowels. It is simple, but time consuming to make a custom made tank as shown in the following steps. I tried to use wire mesh as a base for the tank, but the shape I made had too many curves for it to form.

Do Not use the green styrofoam that I show in the pictures because that foam does not dissolve with any solvents.I planned to use Acetone to melt the foam after the fiberglass was laid, but ended up cutting a hole in the fiberglass and removed the foam with a dremel and then patched it.

This instructable involves using dangerous tools and chemicals. Safety should be your number one priority

Video Walk Around of Tank
hackmattr (author) 4 years ago
Another thing that is highly recommended is to use a product from POR-15 called US standard tank sealer because the ethanol in gas can eat the epoxy and fiberglass. I only found out today and placed an order for this product.
sai swaroops8 months ago
That is sick!! I have the same rear rack too lol.
vazfx163 years ago
Nice. I will be doing the same for my motored bike
rblenkinsop3 years ago
Cool. You do great work. I'm looking at building one of these for my son's, where did you come up with the motor set up?
hackmattr (author)  rblenkinsop3 years ago
- got my motor kit from rawmotorsusa.com before they raised the price. It was $180 shipped and now they sell them for $230 +shipping. You can probably find them cheaper on ebay or from another supplier.
Cooldeal4 years ago
Great 'ible'. I have one of these motor kits and the gas tank rusted in just a year. So I will use your creation to make a contoured one for my bike. I was thinking about somehow using pvc pipe painted to the same color of my frame and making it look like it was part of the frame as a fuel tank.

If I can use a large enough diameter it would hold more than a gallon. So out to the shop I go.
hackmattr (author)  Cooldeal4 years ago
Sounds good. Need to seal the tank. I made the mistake of not venting the gas cap and the side of the tank collapsed.
DriX4 years ago
Great instructable!

I might make a tank using this technique.

Too bad i wasn't able to join the contest, i'm making a custom chopper motorbicycle but can't enter now =(
hackmattr (author)  DriX4 years ago
Thanks. Glad you like it.

You can always work on the instructable for your chopper motorbicycle and then decide if you want to publish it if you see a contest prize you want and have a chance at getting.

I hope to see the chopper when your finished.
l8nite4 years ago
very nicely done, I was going to mention that gasoline has bad effects on fiberglass but you covered that in your comment, you may want to add it as a step to your ible though
hackmattr (author)  l8nite4 years ago
I used a "fuel safe" epoxy resin called Z-POXY Finishing Resin. I have used POR-15 products on a car restoration and loved it. I figure its better to be safe than sorry to seal the tank because I don't want two weeks of work to go down the drain.
Cool, about a week ago, I bought an engine for my bike that looks just like that one, Great Job.
rimar20004 years ago

Thanks for sharing this instructable.
hackmattr (author)  rimar20004 years ago
Thank you. Glad you like it.