Picture of Gearshift Knob
A custom gearshift you can make for your vehicle. I make these for custom cars since I am a gearhead that loves building cars. I even threw one on my little truck just for grins. They are roughly 4" high by 3" wide. I am sure you can use your imagination and use whatever for the shift knob if you want to. Hmmmm, the possibilities.

Step 1: Get mounting hardware

Picture of Get mounting hardware
Purchase cheesey plastic 8 ball gearshift to use for parts. Approximately $9.99 at your local auto parts store. I am sure if you look at the base of others you may be able to use them-just look carefully before buying.
RTyler70713 years ago
You can get shifter inserts and adapters for making your knobs from JEGS or SummitRacing, Ebay also.
Sulik5 years ago
I know this is way after the fact, but how did you manage to break this thing? i have a different brand than you, so maybe the resin on mine is less fragile, but breaking it is damn near impossible. vise? hammer? jackhammer?
hart5312136 years ago
Oh yeah do you drive a ford ranger cause I do too and your interior looks exactly like mine lol
PikesPeak (author)  hart5312136 years ago
Yes it is a Ranger, and if you have those plastic door panels Westleys tire bleach white will clean them back to brand new condition, try it.
ok i will probably try that thanks man
hart5312136 years ago
You should wire up some LEDs into his eyes that run off your cigarette lighter and run the wire inside the shifter boot and hook it up with a resistor in there ad when you start the car the eyes light up that would be really cool
balisongboy6 years ago
where did you get the rat fink model
PikesPeak (author)  balisongboy6 years ago
Ebay; search for Jimmy Flintstone.
abadfart6 years ago
i have an old Subaru legacy and i got an 8 ball knob but i cant seam to get the old knob off any help.