Why spend $30 or more for a Golf Club Head Cover just to have the same one everyone has? I made this custom head cover for about $7, and it only took about 10 minutes to make. I can guarantee that no other golfer has one just like it.

Step 1: Needed Supplies

Not having a sewing machine at my disposal, I had to do things the old fashioned way.

You will need:

Favorite Stuffed Animal (big enough for the club you want to cover)
Sock (preferably new)
Needle and Thread (or sewing machine)

<p>It's a great idea!! I did it all by myself including Totoro, but next time I'm going to stick to an already existing subject! I used my soccer socks to make sure it's long and tight so it doesn't fall off .</p>
Excellent, found this by accident and now can't wait to try it!<br><br>The kids are asleep...now which *subject* won't be missed...
<p>These are the ones I made so far - they're great.</p><p>One more tip - If you leave the sock a little longer, it protects the shafts of the clubs from damage by rattling....</p>
LOVE the phrase &quot;prepare the subject&quot; laid out like for surgery very funny:-) and informative
Having used the headcovers for some time now, I have a tip - don't use socks that are too flimsy. It works best if ( the calf-part of) the sock is a little heavy and a little wide. <br>It makes throwing on the headcover a lot easier. <br>For my third headcover I'm now looking for something almost like a legwarmer....
Your instructable worked like a charm - I've got the coolest headcovers ever...! <br> <br>Now for hitting tha ball in the hole.....
Simple and straightforward! Thank you for going through it for us! I will totally try this one myself!
Very cool. Have you given any thought to selling these at flea markets or the like?
thanks for the kind words everyone.
Awesome. The sewing technique was genius. Very slick.
This is great! I can't wait to make my own. Thanks for sharing.
Haha! I might even take up golf again... (naw).<br> <br> Great stuff, tho.<br>

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