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I got a sweet new guitar, and it didn't come with a case. The shop didn't have a reasonably priced one, so I figured it can't be that hard to make one. Nature deciding to turn Atlanta into a frozen wasteland this week gave me the opportunity to knock this out in 2 (snow) days. (This project can totally be completed in 1 day, as long as you calculate your material needs correctly before beginning. I did not do this.)

The dimensions here will work for most Gibson/Epiphone semi-hollowbody electric guitars or similar. Just change them to make it work for you. (An easy way, if your guitar isn't handy, is to find a case online and use its dimensions as a starting point.)

(2) 1/8" MFD, 2 x 4'
(3) 1/4" hardwood, 4" x 4'
(3) 1/4" hardwood, 2" x 4'
(1) 3/4" foam insulation sheet, 4 x 8'
(2) packs of corner covers (8)
(2) 2" hinges
(1) 1" hinge
(2) chest clasps
#6 screws, 1/2"
#6 screws, 1 1/4"
Wood glue
(3 1/2) yards of exterior cover material (I used vinyl)
(1 1/2) yards interior lining material (I used crushed velvet)
Hot glue
Spray adhesive

Step 1: Cutting

Picture of Cutting

Cut the wood into the following pieces:

(2) 19 x 45" (lid/base)
(1) 4" X 18" (neck support)

4" & 2" hardwood:
(2 each) 44" long (sides)
(2 each) 19" long (front/back)

(1) 17 1/2 x 43 1/2"
(1) 17 1/2 x 33 1/2"
(2) 17 1/2 x 23 1/2"
(1) 17 1/2 x 10"

geoj3d15 months ago

Awesome build. I have two basses and I plan on trying this out. What is the weight of the case. Would it be uncomfortably heavy hauling around to shows

jmacfarlane (author)  geoj3d14 months ago

It's pretty heavy, heavier than most other hard cases I've had. You can reduce the weight by using plywood instead of MDF and wood.

jsholloman1 year ago

There is only a slight mod that needs to be made. It needs a hinged storage compartment on both sides of the neck for picks, cords, straps, capo and/or sheet music. Good job great instructible.

jmacfarlane (author)  jsholloman1 year ago

I'm actually planning on doing just that. Shouldn't be difficult at all. The Instructable will be updated once done.

dcada1 year ago
this is awesome can you extend the case to fit a bass? or will I Have to start from scratch?
jmacfarlane (author)  dcada1 year ago
Absolutely. You'll probably need to get a 4 x 8' sheet of MDF or plywood, as basses are typically a good bit longer than guitars, and will also need to go up to 1" wood in order to get the extra length for the sides. I'd definitely recommend buying a handle instead of making one, as it's going to be a decent bit heavier; better not to risk it.