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I got Guitar Hero On Tour (Nintendo DS) a few days ago, and I made this skin. Here's how to make your your very own GH On Tour custom Guitar Grip (called GG in this) skin!

Step 1: Take Original Skin Out

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To take the original skin out, you must first prepare the GG for opening. Fold the strap back and take the pick stylus out (picture 1). Open it by prying the plastic clear part away from the black part by the pick stylus holder on both sides (picture 2) and take the original skin out.

Step 2: Trace Original Skin and Make New Design

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Now making a new design for the skin. Take a piece of paper and trace the original skin, button holes and all. Now for the tricky part. Cut it out, making sure you have enough room for the buttons, or else the buttons won't push. Glue or draw your image on the traced skin. Look on the last picture for a (horrible) template.

Step 3: See If It Fits

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Test it out by applying the skin and pressing the buttons. If they feel good, then you're done. But you may have to trim around the buttons to make it fit. Now you can play in style!


MegaMaker (author)2009-07-21

I have made tons of these exept I just cut off the part where the buttons are so I don't have to mess around with cutting it so perfectly.

blackbird451 (author)2008-07-17

Does anyone know where to find an electrical diagram of the controller or an internal picture? I was thinking about making a small controller on a Gameboy cartridge so the DS could still fit easily in a pocket.

all you need to know is which buttons go to which pins, then make holes in the cartridge for the buttons and wire them to the proper pins on the circuit. you have to scrape away the original wiring on the board, though...

Yeah that's the problem, I don't know the pins :/

do you currently have the large, bulky fret cartridge? if so, open it up. it should just be buttons linked by wired to the pins on the circuit part that gets connected into the DS. if there's a bunch of chips in there, then my method won't work.

I have a cheap 3rd party one I ordered from China. I had trouble opening it, but I don't think it has any chips. I think I'm just going to dremel off the bottom part that covers the ds, leaving just the buttons. The bottom part is hollow on mine, so I think it will work well.

good idea. i'd still suggest trying to transfer the system into the casing of an old GBA cartridge, so that it doesn't have any open surfaces.

CapnTac (author)blackbird4512008-08-04

Try Google. That's all the advice I have right now...sorry.

Uru Wolf (author)2008-12-05

You could scan the cut out, as shown, then import it into gimp or PS to get even better designs. I might well do this.

CapnTac (author)2008-08-04

I made a Metallica one.

knex_owns_you (author)CapnTac2008-10-24


peach_fart (author)2008-10-10

i made custom skins for my frets. now there flames of the respective fret colors.

grimfig (author)2008-09-13

Great Instructable.

Ward_Nox (author)2008-07-02

damn was hoping you'd made a template

poobajones (author)Ward_Nox2008-07-03

I would, but I don't know how. Sorry!

Ward_Nox (author)poobajones2008-07-05

make on one black material attach it to white paper and scan it

poobajones (author)Ward_Nox2008-07-06

OK, I'll try that. I'm replying to you from an Apple Store (:P), so I can't do anything right now.

poobajones (author)poobajones2008-07-07

Alright, I'm home. Now I'll make one.

poobajones (author)poobajones2008-07-07

Ok it's finally up! It's not very good, but look on the last picture of step 2.

Ward_Nox (author)poobajones2008-07-22
poobajones (author)Ward_Nox2008-07-22

a better template? If so, then, yes, it's probably better. If you mean the whole thing, then you can do anything you want with the design.

Ward_Nox (author)poobajones2008-08-04

yea i just ment the vague shape

blahblahkitty3457 (author)2008-07-16

I've made lots of these i love them. There easy and you can do whateveryou want with them.

RiddleOfSphinx (author)2008-07-09

Hmm, I bought this for my daughter and she couldn't put it down for more than 10 I might have to try this for her sometime, Thanks :D !!

SkateboardingForLife (author)2008-07-04

Guitar Hero On Tour is one of the worst games i've ever played.. my love for the other Guitar Hero Games and Rock Band made me go out and buy it the day it came out!!.. but i soon relized it was nothing like the other games.. first off it is unresponsive and my hand is too big to hold the thing comfortably but on top of that it had the crappiest music ever!!! So.... i took it back a couple of days later.. also i think they should have called it Accordian Hero On Tour.. LOL

stick to te instructable

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