Step 2: Vacuum Form the Molds

I placed the positives in the vacuum former, secured the PET-G food-safe plastic, heated it and vacu-formed the molds.  The hardest part was extracting the gears from the plastic, as the sides were perfectly vertical. Normally one adds a bit of a "draft angle" to the positives, so that they are larger at the base than at the top to ease extraction.  Since I was not in a hurry, nor was I doing a production run of the molds I just dealt with the annoyance.

After a few minutes of flexing and pushing, I had molds for my gear-shaped burgers.

Burger with hole in the middle= condiment reservoir! Cool idea, thanks for sharing!
<p>make each one with a hole only half way through, then fill it with something and press together</p>
Hambur-gears! Cool.
As for the hole in the middle, you could put it on a sliced bagel. <br> <br>This would be great for a steampunk related event.
Freeze the meat then machine it with the router...
What a cool idea! I'm not sure why but I feel like eating a burger with a hole in the middle would make the process easier in terms of bread to bun ratio.

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