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Introduction: Custom Helmet

Working on a new helmet design, but i dont know wat to call it or how should i paint it. Any ideas? UPDATE!!!! This i wat the helmet is looking like now..



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Damn special work you got going there man. I would really be interested in learning your ways... I could try and get some design sent to you if you dont mind, i got an airbrush room gettin set up but no proper local colours in site so strugling on practice and space. Ill check out your updates . Peace

This looks cool.
It is probably illegal almost anywhere you are required to wear a certified helmet, any modification invalids the certification. Although you might get away with modifying only the flip-up face, if it is removable. Apart from the law, I really wouldn't want to wear a helmet that has been sanded down, thinning the protective plastic.
Please make an instructible showing us how this was done, this is after all
It could be interesting to see the results of using the same method to modify welding helmets/face-masks.

nice...deff kewl...but anything other than stock makes your helmet illegal...that even includes stickers....rediculous i know....just sayin if the cops are in a`ll be pushing yer ride home.

Only 19/50 states have helmet laws for adult riders.

unless you live in Iowa! Go Hawks!

Great design, I was curious though, is that a full face helmet that you molded that too or is it your own design completely? probably not the brightest question but still, gotta ask. also what did you use to make the design onto it?

Yeah its my own design, I took A full face helmet with a flip up face and took the front part off.

oh ok, I see what you mean. what substance is that molded with? and how did you make the lens?

smooth on mold and fiberglass. there's no lens, its open. i just wear glasses with it