Simple black (lined interior) blazer with the building from a music video drawn out on the back.
Other band-related art on the front and sleeve.

Took about an hour initially and then two more to perfect the design.

(Materials: Polyester and cotton. Paint pen in silver, spray paint in silver.)
Nice work with the pens, I thought that was screened! paint pens & sharpies=DIY fashion necessities.
Thanks! I'll definitely take that as a compliment. I think hand drawn designs are more charming and personal than the 'perfection' that screen printing (<em>generally</em>) gives. Despite the fact that it was &quot;too formal&quot; for the person it was designed for. Must've been the blazer. =P
It was meant as one ;) Totally with you on the hand-drawn as opposed to screened, though I love making my own stencils with tape, that's really fun.

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