Custom Jacket (HIM)


Introduction: Custom Jacket (HIM)

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Simple black (lined interior) blazer with the building from a music video drawn out on the back.
Other band-related art on the front and sleeve.

Took about an hour initially and then two more to perfect the design.

(Materials: Polyester and cotton. Paint pen in silver, spray paint in silver.)



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    Nice work with the pens, I thought that was screened! paint pens & sharpies=DIY fashion necessities.

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    Thanks! I'll definitely take that as a compliment. I think hand drawn designs are more charming and personal than the 'perfection' that screen printing (generally) gives. Despite the fact that it was "too formal" for the person it was designed for. Must've been the blazer. =P

    It was meant as one ;) Totally with you on the hand-drawn as opposed to screened, though I love making my own stencils with tape, that's really fun.